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  1. Attached is a Z2G with a source file that uses the 'Generic Fanuc 4X Lathe' 2020 post. It rough drills the center ID with a center-cutting end mill using a live tooling head and a G83 canned cycle. This particular machine does not take decimal points in the Q parameter with the G83 command - with the other parameters it's okay. Desired format example: G83 Z-1.0 R.1 Q1000 F6.0 How can I achieve the format above? fanuc_c_y_g83_post_2020_lathe.ZIP
  2. Just some friendly advice - no pun intended. This should have been two separate questions. The title should reflect your question so that your post is visible, or else people have no idea what it's about. 1) "How to Remove Duplicate Feedrates During Roughing Cycles - 2020 Generic Lathe" 2) "How to Control the Placement of the M8 Command During Roughing Cycles - 2020 Generic Lathe"
  3. Excellent point - done. I added a finishing tool to show that it works
  4. No I'm not - HLE 2021 is used at home - 2020 at work. Attached is a z2g. PST-HEADER-TEST.ZIP
  5. Is it a bad practice to add safety lines to the header section of a pst file? In this specific case, we have a simple 2-axis lathe that will never have any additional axes or axis combos. We want our post to generate the following safety line: "G00 G40 G80 G99" It comes out pretty clean when added to the header. Please let me know if there is anything inappropriate in this post.
  6. 2021 HLE was just installed on a local computer and it's fantastic. BUT - these Code Meter pop ups just don't stop. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Thanks. So you've used all of your integers and reals. Did you create these values in the 'text' section of your control definition? If so, after making those entries, did you have to edit your .pst file? For example, one of your values is a switch for G68 - there must be some type of 'if statement' in your post: 'if this variable = 1, then this variable = G68" Are these assumptions correct? I realize we cannot display the actual .pst code on this site for proprietary reasons. Thanks for your time.
  8. Hello Community, What are misc values in the post processor? When do we use them? When do we not use them?
  9. Hey do you still teach your MP.NET mill-turn post courses? I see there’s an older one in your archive. Can this one help us with 2020 and up? My assumption is yes because the MP.NET language itself couldn’t have changed that much since then. Thank you
  10. Hello eMastercam, How do I wrap this text around this 2.0" cylinder for c-axis engraving? Attached is a photo and a 2020.mcam file with generic default machine definitions. Thank you c-axis-engraving.mcam
  11. Okay I’ll do that from now on. Thanks. Thank you so much - this is really helpful. I’ll try to post a video of the machining. Take care.
  12. In theory, arcs can be created with the X and Z axis on a lathe with live tooling. We should, also in theory, be able to combine this concept with the rotation of the C-axis to generate 3D contours. How can we put a radius around the OD and face of a cylinder using a ball end mill with a live tooling head? On a mill, for example, we can generate a 'scrubbing' type tool path, but Mastercam's C-axis features do not appear to offer such an option. Ideally, the ball end mill should stay in place while the C-axis rotates 360 degrees. After each pass, the ball end mill steps up (or down) in X and Z until the radius is complete. As the C-axis rotates the Z axis is moving in-and-out. It appears that 'face contouring' is the only option. It actually generates a toolpath, but there is really no step-over options (scrubbing) as you would find in 3D milling toolpaths. As shown in the photo, I have to take arbitrary guesses with the multi-pass roughing and finishing options. We won't even talk about the cutter-comp yet. Any thoughts on this? Please let me know how I can improve this post. Thank you. PS - the cut out on the face makes the part look like an eclipse, but it is not - it's a circle if you look directly at the face.

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