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  1. I have a tough application I would like some input/ advice on. I will try to explain. I am able to get basic right angle code to output from Mastercam with G18/G19 as expected(doesn't backblock tool orientation correctly though). Our right angle head is coolant driven and our mill's spindle can be controlled as a C axis. Has anybody been able to get Mastercam set up to output 5 axis code for a RAH with 1 of the axis being the spindle orientation? An example would be possibly using an end mill to mill and ID groove on a part with the C axis needing to rotate 360deg to accomplish. (Not the real application I am doing but gives a good visual of my request). I can provide more details as needed if anybody thinks they could give advice on this topic.
  2. I am interested in automating Mastercam in the creation of programs for a part family that always has similar feature sets but differing dimensions with those dimensions stored in a text file. Below is a basic example of the structure of the text file. 4.44/2 # Hole Spacing 3.375 # Hole Location 5.25 # Part Size X 5.25 # Part Size Y 5.1 # Part Size Z Could facing or drilling operations be created with C# based entirely from Data in a text file without a user doing anything in Mastercam besides selecting the text file? I don't need a tutorial on how to do it, just starting by seeing how possible it is and maybe a direction to some documents or examples that would help. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I know this is not a Mastercam Corporate forum, I just see a lot of people on this forum giving pretty clever solutions so I figured I would try here. Do you think I would get an exact answer from the "Mastercam Forum"?

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