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  1. I got it!!! Thanks to Ron Branch along with Bsmith and Ben Wood from the Mastercam forum leading me in the correct direction. I added the following to my post: Section = # Common User-defined Variable Initializations (not switches!)sav_toollogic: 0 #Save tool height offset value for Blum Tool Break Detection Section = # Toolchange / NC output Variable Formats fmt "H" 4 sav_toollogic #Saved tool height offset value for Blum Tool Break Detection Section = psof$ #Start of file for non-zero tool number sav_toollogic = tlngno$ #Added for Blum Tool Break Detection Section = ptlchg$ #Tool change sav_toollogic = tlngno$ #Added for Blum Tool Break Detection Section = pretract #End of tool path, toolchange"G65P9608", sav_toollogic, "X0.M1.Q.01","(TOOL BREAK DETECTION)", e$ ### DETECTS TOOL BREAKAGE
  2. Please see attached pic. I finally decided to add "Tool Breakage Detection" to the post, although the H value is posting incorrectly with multiple tools in the program. I turned off tool staging in the control definition and it made no difference, therefore I turned the tool staging back on. Perhaps someone can lead me in the right direction
  3. peon

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    I installed the new download (06/09/2016) and the cycle times generated correctly.
  4. peon

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Thank you for checking this out Gunther
  5. peon

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Gcode, that was my 1st thought, but all the numbers in "Stepdown", "Stepover", "Tl diam." etc are all in inches correctly on the setup sheet.
  6. peon

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Yep, see the difference in the screen shot below.
  7. peon

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    I noticed the cycle times are way off in the 2017 PC1 release of 2017. Do I need to change something to correct these cycle times? Perhaps something in the Window's regional settings?
  8. peon

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Thanks much Gunther! The gentlemen at our facility love these setup sheets. Such an easy useful utility!
  9. peon

    Monster endmills

    I apologize. I made a nasty comment about Monster Mills when the product I was describing were Gorrilla Mills. I overwrote this post.
  10. peon

    X9 Create Curve Slice

    I couldn't watch your video. Told me I had to sign in. But here is a screenshot of the procedure that works for me in X9.
  11. peon

    X+ for X9 PC1

    I noticed on all the workstations WITHOUT Microsoft Excel, generate the setup sheet fine EXCEPT for the screenshot. The screenshot is not reduced in size and therefore displays a zoomed depiction of the part. On all our workstations WITH Microsoft Excel, the setup sheet works perfectly fine. I checked the .png files and they match the setup sheet.
  12. peon

    X8 Model Prep push pull

    Mad, you are zoomed too close. You must zoom out and then grab the handle.
  13. peon

    Yama Seiki (Awea) vs YCM

    Keep in mind, with the small molds we build, we are ALWAYS using small cutters below 1/4", therefore running at 10,000 rpm all day. After a few hours at that speed, the spindle would grow in the Z .003" on all three machines. If you had an overnight run, you were screwed. Machining moldbases with larger cutters and slower spindle speeds were fine.
  14. peon

    Yama Seiki (Awea) vs YCM

    I used to operate three Yama-Seiki's which were purchased brand new with the Fanuc 18i controller. The machine is garbage. STAY AWAY!! After several spindles, loose gibs from the factory and thermal comp issues in the spindle Z axis on ALL 3 machines, you'll have more headaches than you need. As far as the 32M which you inquired, I'm sorry I haven't had any experience with that particular controller. We also build tools for the plastic mold industry.
  15. peon

    X7, Tool percentage wrong

    It hasn't worked for a long time Rick. What you have to do is enter any other percentage, tab, and then enter your desired percentage and then tab. It should calculate correctly the second time around. I don't know why it hasn't been fixed.

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