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    STEM Curriculum – Applied CNC STEM Activities

    Ask a group of students if they would rather listen to a lecture or work together to construct a mechanical toy, and the answer is obvious. Educators know that hands-on, interactive education is one of the best ways to captivate their students but the tools and resources aren’t always available. Identifying this need for a high quality STEM curriculum, the In-House Solutions Book Development Team created it.

    More than just books, Applied CNC STEM Activities are complete project packages that engage students and give instructors all the tools they need. The projects follow guidelines and requirements set by several renowned organizations and align to national standards. It’s easy to incorporate Applied STEM Activities into your Career Tech Ed classroom!

  • Highlights:

    • Three projects to choose from: Carousel, Catapult and Ruler
    • Aligns to national standards
    • Easy to incorporate into any STEM-oriented engineering class
    • Provides supplemental material to use – instructors have full control over their courses
    • Student and instructor editions available
    • Site licenses available
    • Cross disciplinary – no prior knowledge needed to teach from the material
    • Flexible – not product specific
    • Strengthens literacy through research and journal writing
    • Focused and project based
    • Emphasis on manufacturing – Instructions for 3D Printer, Laser Engraver and CNC
    • Keeps students excited and engaged
  • Want to see a sample?
    Contact our education department at 1-800-529-5517 or email stem@inhousesolutions.com and we’ll be happy to email a PDF sample to you and give you more information. We know you’ll like what you see!

    How to order:
    Call: 1-800-529-5517
    Email: stem@inhousesolutions.com

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