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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking at buying mastercam wire edm for my new Mitsubishi FA10SM and I am wanting to know how the epack library is handled in mastercam is it preloaded or do you have to build it from scratch ? and also what is a ballpark price for this package I already own the lathe package .
  2. Hi all. I'm learning how to use Mastercam for a Wire EDM, and I'm trying to learn how to use the nesting toolpaths function efficiently. I guess my question is this: Is there a way to nest your toolpaths so that all of the thread points start outside of the stock? In other words, is there a way I can avoid putting in pre-drilled holes when using this feature? I would like to be able to nest toolpaths in a way that the Wire EDM threads at a(n) point/origin outside of the stock and is able to guide/maneuver around all the different nested toolpath geometry. I'm trying to avoid predrilled holes as much as possible to maintain the integrity of the stock infrastructure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Hello all, Is it possible to edit or add to the .tech files? The only options that come up from the drop down menus are for .010" wire and Steel. The settings that are output are not the same as what our manuals recommend. I need to be able to output the appropriate settings for cutting steel, aluminum and copper. I can open the .tech file with a text editor and start editing but wanted to know if there was a better way. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello all, My company is looking to buy a few new EDM's; as for our old Agies are quite out of date and it is time for an upgrade. We have both old Agie's and some Agie-Charmilles but I am curious to know if there is anything better than the two brands that every company already has. I've looked into Mitsubishi and they seem to have a decent line of EDM's. Also if anyone knows of Accutex EDM's I would like to hear some feedback...It was like it was almost to good to be true for the price of these machines comparable to similar machine options of other brands. I feel like they are just cheaply built machines and I can't find anything from companies that can make me believe that. Any input is better than what I have now.
  5. Tim Pruett

    wire edm arc problems

    We recently updated our wire edm from version 6 to x6 and received a new post processor from our reseller. Were trying to write a program to wire a hole but were getting a "P70 arc error". I'm not sure which arc setting to use in the control def or if this is even the issue. Can anyone tell me how they have theirs set and/or do I need to get the post edited to output the code correctly. TIA Tim here's a sample of the version 6 code; L0 G90 G92 X-1. Y.25 G00 X-1. Y.25 M20 M78 M78 M80 M82 M84 H1=.0093 F.06 E1271 M90 G01 G41 H1 X-.9375 G03 X-1.0625 I-.0625 J0. X-.3975 I.0625 J0. X-.93753 Y.252 I-.0625 J0. G01 G40 X-.95352 Y.25149 M91 M90H1=.007 F E1272 Here's a sample from X6 G90 G92X-1 Y.25 G00X-1 Y.25 M20 M78 M78 M80M82M84 H1=.0071 F16.E1272 M90 G41G01X-.9375 G03I-.0625J0. Y.252I-.0625J0. G40G01X-.9535Y.2515 H1=.0057F.12E1273

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