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Found 10 results

  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the chuck jaw name from MasterCam into the active reports template? I've tried looking through the XML tag list and searching through the Samples in my setup sheets folder, but I'm unable to find this field. I'll post a screenshot of what text I need. Thanks!
  2. Greetings all, I have developed a setup sheet that is really more of an Operation check list. Developed for minimal paper waste. It works with all three of the main program types without changing report templates: Mill, Lathe, and Mill/Turn. The operations are color coded: Blue is turning, Yellow is Milling, and red is Manual Entry. If the tools are named in Mastercam the way that I recommend, all of the information will be there for the operator: Insert codes, etc. Included in the zip file that is attached is a sample turning program with milling, the Active report templates, a Word doc with instructions on how to install and where to enter information. For best results, pay close attention to the Word doc on what and where I enter the names and comments of the tools and operations. Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. Active_Reports_OP_Tool_List_short.zip
  3. I need to print out a cut data report that shows, for each tool: tool description, feed, speed, feed time & distance, rapid time and distance, operation description, total run time. Would Active Reports be way to go on this? I've tried more than a few times to figure out Active reports. Its always left me stumped. Thanks for any input. DM
  4. Hello again, I'm trying to set up a setup sheet, heh, and I think I've about got it all figured out. I got a copy of the "creating setup sheets with active reports designer" tutorial from my reseller and it's helped out a lot. On page 64, they describe using additional parameters window to add extra XML tags so you can add more live data into a report. This is something I'd like to use but I can't find the window anywhere! The mastercam help file mentions it, configuring it from machine defs, but it still doesn't say where it actually is. Does it still exist in 2018? Thanks in advance!
  5. -Setup Sheet (CaliberMill-File).zipI am looking for a little bit of help in regards to active reports. We use Mastercam 2017 here and Active Reports Designer to customize setup sheets. I have customized a setup sheet for our shop but can’t get things working quite right. My goal was to attach the tool list to the setup sheet. It seemed like it worked but when I do a preview of the base setup sheet, it doesn’t seem right because it doesn’t put some tools in the list. If I preview the -SetupSheet (CaliberMill-File), I get some tool numbers in the list, so I take it that means it isn’t picking up the information. Is there anyone that can help me with this? It seems like something very small. Thanks.
  6. For some reason my tool list output displays three instances of my tool list on one table and can't figure out how to just display one instabce. If anyone is willing to have a look I'd be most grateful! SST.zip
  7. Is there a way to combine sub reports in such a way that I can have data from both reports end up in the same table on my set up sheet? I would like to have things from my -operation sub report inside my -tool sub report. I'm trying to condense stuff down on my setup sheet. I would like to have my tool data (pocket number, size, type, etc) together with their max and min Z depths for example. I'm using X8 and just now starting (attempting to figure out how) to use active report set up sheets. I've got a fairly decent report that works, I'd just like to tweak it some more. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm open here so maybe Active Reports is not the way to go. What ever it is, has to be free or included with my software. I do not like the .set type of setup sheet. After opening with that, I have been experimenting with Active Reports Designer. I pretty much have it laid out like I want but how do I make a text box that I can type data in at the moment of creating the setup sheets? I see it has to be bound to a xml file but where do I get this original xml file? I just got a tutorial from my reseller today but if any one has a very short and sweet setup sheet that would save me a load of time I'd be very grateful. If any one can help I'll take a screen shot or upload some files when I get back to work tomorrow.
  9. I am almost creating my report but i have one issue that is holding me up. For some reason the first 4 columns of my report are repeating themselves 3 times. I have tried to figure out what the cause is with obviously no luck. If some one could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated. Please see attached image for reference.
  10. Hello, I'm fumbling my way through learning to build a custom Active Reports setup sheet. My question is can I return a value from a sub-report to the main report? What I'm trying to do is list the Program Number (PROG_NUM) to the main SETUPSHEET as shown in this pic. Many thanks in advance!

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