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Found 9 results

  1. We use the setup sheet option in Mastercam and save to PDF so the guys on the floor at the machines can pull up the setup sheets on a computer. My request is; since Mastercam is already a CAD system why cant we do our screen captures as vectors instead of raster? If we could then we could zoom in on the screen capture and it would stay clear and PDF supports vectors. This is what is even being done across the web for websites because there's so many different screen sizes and resolutions. Vector is the way to go. I hope to see Masstercam do the same. Thank you.
  2. undertakerryu

    Backplot Graphics Error

    Running Mastercam 2019 and as i go to Backplot my tool path it shows the graphics then vanishes right after before i can click the bar usually as well. Any ideas on why it would display incorrectly?
  3. I am unable to backplot any ghosted operations in Mastercam 2018. Is there an option somewhere to allow backplotting of ghosted operations? I was able to backplot ghosted operations in previous versions of Mastercam.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the estimated backplot times in 2018 are haywire? I know that the backplot times have never been "accurate" at all in any previous version, but at my shop we use the backplot time with a certain formula dependent on which cell system the part will run on to determine a preliminary "estimated" run time. This has been fairly accurate for me in past versions. In 2018 however the math on the info tab while running backplot is WAY off. Anyone else dealing with this bug? Looking for suggestions as to why or any other insight.
  5. MichaelH

    Backplot v Verify

    Any advice welcome. My customer has asked me to do a few trials so we can get backplot/verify in 2018 to match real world cycle times. We know we will not get it perfect, but close would be nice. My first issue i just spotted, backplot says 2 hours 6 minutes. Yet verify comes up with 1 hour 54 minutes. Simple question! WHY?
  6. I'm running X9 beta 3. Seems as though the simulator doesn't show toolpaths generated for letter geometry. When I backplot it does show the tool cutting below the top surface. Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there a setting for this?
  7. dlister

    X9 Backplot

    Started using the latest X9 beta. First thing I noticed was that the classic backplot, "backplot selected operations", now opens a new window that is integrated into the mastercam simulator. Has anyone else noticed this? I find it cumbersome to simply check tool path geometry on the fly. Wish there was a way to enable the classic backplot option so that a new window doesn't have to be opened every time I want to quickly view my tool paths.
  8. mikenaturalice

    backplot time estimate

    I was wondering if anyone else is seeing large discrepancies between the time shown in the backplot menu under the info tab and the actual time on machine?? I know machine configurations like tool change and max rapids, deceleration, acceleration all play their part, but shouldn't it be close if you are using the correct machine (in your machine group inside mastercam I mean)? I would like to add up front as I just said this, I don't have my correct machine at the moment (Haas UMC-750) but I am using the generic Haas renishaw 4axis VMC. I can't see there being much difference between the 2 if I am just doing 2axis or 3axis work. I can't post a file or anything due to work rules. I am cutting a 2d high speed path with an 1/8 endmill, 107ipm, 5% max stepover and its is showing a total cycle time of 10min 49sec. I am showing 22min 10 sec on my machine. The machine is at 100% rapid and 100% feed and all that. FWIW my machine only records the time during cycle start so if I feed hold anything (which I did not on this toolpath) it pauses so the machine clock should be pretty accurate. I have never checked it to a stop watch, but at over 2x what Mastercam says I couldn't see the clock being that far off anyways. I just finished the entire program and the difference between mastercam backplot and machine clock is just under 13min. That said, it looks like all the toolpath times are almost twice as long to run on the machine... any ideas? Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks!!
  9. Hi, Attached is an image showing the issue. I am currently using Mastercam X7 MU2. When I use the backplot, the display only shows the endpoints and not the yellow path lines. This only happens with the threading tools (internal and external) and does not appear to be a problem when trying it on Mastercam X2. Has anyone seen this? I have tried updating the graphics driver and reinstalling Mastercam but the issue still appears. Thanks,

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