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Found 9 results

  1. I'm using a dynamic milling operation to cut out a "slot" I've tried several different ways to keep the tool down and engaged. I changed the "keep tool down within, turned off depth cuts, It continues to come out of the cut and go up in z then moves over to its next cut. I've attached the file if it helps to visualize it better. I just want the cut to stay engaged like a normal dynamic toolpath. mill online.mcam
  2. i posted this in another thread but have a feeling it may get lost so, i am using the Dynamic OptiRough toolpath and want to inspect / change inserts on a high feed mill. i activate the options but i do not see an M01 or M00 posted at the set time intervals. Is this a post mod that's neededd to achieve the above statement? TIA
  3. Came across this little surprise in 2020 just now. Dynamic path is violating the boundary when it leads off the material. The outer most path is a finish contour at 0 stock (Verify green) and the dynamic path violating it is leaving .01" stock on the wall (Verify purple). I can easily fix this by adding more stock to leave, but I feel like dynamic shouldn't do this regardless. Has this been a thing for awhile that I'm just now encountering?
  4. Has anyone noticed that in the "Dynamic Contour" toolpath there is no option for "entry motion"? This feature is in " Dynamic Mill" but not in contour. When i go to use it for finishing both floors and walls after Opti Rough has gone through, it is helical entering .26 above the stock. I've played with "inc /abs depths" but can't get it. Is there a reason for this? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, Is it possible to do a plunge entry with dynamic contour? I have some thru pockets that I've pre-drilled an opening for so I can just plunge in with my endmill and start a dynamic path to finish out said pockets. The result I'm getting is a ramped contour down to my geometry and there is no entry method tab for to edit parameters. Even setting all linking parameters to incremental zero will not force it to plunge. Is this just not possible or am I missing something? This is in 2017, by the way. Thanks.
  6. Just recently dynamic 2D milling will not regenerate. I sent a zip to go to my local re seller and it worked for them. I would say this is localized to my PC but 3 of us with different PC's had the same results. preview chain looks good, event log says "completed multi-threaded regeneration of selected operations" but still shows dirty. did a complete uninstall an reinstall still no go. anyone seen this? My system is a Dell ,i7-4710MQ, 16 gig ram, Quatro K2100M video card with newest Nvida driver.
  7. I was trying to create a surface area rough operation and kept getting this error. I tried to change it to opti and got the same error. Any ideas?
  8. Good morning. I'm running X6 MU3. Occasionally when choosing Dynamic Core mill, the toolpath at the machine will cut wrong. It appears to read a radius and rather than cutting a segment it tries to cut the full radius and sometimes scraps the part. Using backplot software (cimco or discriminator) I am unable to identify where the problem will be. Has anyone else had a similar problem, and if so how did you correct this? Ajusting the cut tolerances does not seem to affect the outcome. Thanks, PS. For security reasons I cannot attach the file I am currently working with.
  9. I sure hope someone can help me solve this problem. I've tried everything I can think of to get a dynamic core mill to work, but have had no success. I sent the file off to my VAR and their tech had a toolpath working in no time, but I can't duplicate his results. (Different settings in his system, perhaps?) Anyway, the file is attached. The red rectangle is the outline of the stock; the lavender rectangle is an avoidance region where clamps would be positioned; and the green shape is the part boundary. Each is on its own level. The goal is to profile all edges of the part, except for the one abutting the avoidance region. In the attached file, the avoidance region is being disregarded. Why? I'm running X6 MU3 on a Windows XP machine. CORE MILL TEST.MCX-6

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