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Found 5 results

  1. poolrod2

    Flowline Error

    I keep getting a partial flow edge detected error. Is my guitar neck model that bad?. Take a look, fix any errors please,ha ha. COMPLETED 2017
  2. Greg_J

    Broken Arc filter?

    Hello, I noticed this for awhile now but have never posted to ask this question. I would make a Flowline toolpath and want to reduce the size of the program by adjusting my filter and as I move the cut tolerance to a smaller value the program went from cutting a linear arc to stair steps, very odd. This use to work in the past if I needed to reduce the program size then I would adjust the arc filter but with Flowline it doesn't seem to be working correctly. No matter what I do to the arc filter I am unable to make it create arcs so there must be something with the solid face I selected that is trying to cut the radius with small linear moves. I was able program the way I wanted with arcs using Surface Finish Parallel and get the smaller program size too but I use to use Flowline. Any ideas? Thanks, Greg
  3. Bass Hunter

    feed screw and flowline

    Hello I am X7 user and i was trying to use the muilt-axis flow line tool-path to build this part.This is new to me having made the jump from X2 to X7. I did program the part using the 4th axis Rotary tool-path and the Axial tool-path but i thought it would be cool to use the flow line tool-path. I have a HAAS VF-4 with a HAAS 4th axis HR7310. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello! I am trying to make a rough cut pass using Surface Rough Flowline. The part is a convex cylinder. However when I have Check Flowline Motion for Gouge checked in Cut Control, the toolpath only shows for the top half of the part stopping at the midpoint. I'm thinking that it doesn't like the undercut but when I uncheck the Check Flowline Motion for Gouge box, it does a completely different toolpath which leaves a flat surface instead of the desired convex cylindrical surface. Thanks!
  5. Granted that I am a beginner in using mastercam, I need some help in understanding the methodological approach needed to implement surface toolpath (rough and finish). As case of study I have got a set of surfaces describing a 3D open contour. As first operation, I have used surface rough contouring by leaving a stock of 0.3mm and using a boundary 2D chain as containment boundary (the tool is restrained to path internally the containment boundary). The result is that the toolpath is enough even and smooth and follows smoothly the drive surfaces pattern selected. As second operation, I have used surface finish countouring by selecting the same drive surfaces and containment boundary used for roughing operation. I have set up the stock to 0.0mm and kept the rest of default parameters. The result is awful. The toolpath doesn't follow smoothly the drive surfaces and presents a lot of "break and retract motions". If I set up the stock to 0.02mm the toolpath is almost smooth and acceptable but I don't understand why I have to introduce a fake stock of 0.02mm to have the toolpath almost acceptable. My goal is to have a toolpath which follows smoothly the drive surfaces selected (without fake stock value) since these surfaces are part of finish machined 3D geometry. I also need help in understanding how to use rough and finish flowline toolpaths properly. How does Mastercam interpret the drive surfaces as flowline ruled? Sometimes I get an error message telling me "Surfaces selected not aligned or ruled" also in case the surfaces selected, at first sight, look like flowline ruled in the same direction. Is there a tool in Mastercam that could make a checkout of drive surfaces giving a response about inner flowline direction of surfaces checked and giving the chance to modify such direction? Any suggestions to help me in understanding how Mastercam approach what highlighted above? Are there some exhaustive tutorials clearing out these doubts? I will be really thankful.

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