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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone I am new to Mastercam. I have gone through basic tutorials but now I need to perform machining simulation for this part that I have attached to this post. Would anyone kindly help me to setup toolpath for this particular part? It has double helix around a shaft. Would be thankful! Nirajan Pokhrel
  2. So I've noticed Mastercam likes to output helix entry motion into line segments. On some toolpaths that have "arc filters" I can usually get around this and force it to output arcs with "Output 3D arcs". I notice this issure mostly on 3D toolpaths like OptiRough or "Rough Pocket", but on occasion even is 2D pocket or 2D dynamic. I'm currently seeing it on Multiaxis Rough but the entry in still 2D until it hits final depth. When it outputs line segments , our machines cant keep up, slowing things down. I know the machine can run fast because we push them pretty hard. 1000 IPM smoothly but that speed only works when it has arcs and lines of good length of 4-5". Note that I am not trying to Helix Entry at 1000 IPM . It can sometimes be hundreds of line segments long just to get .300 deep. Does anyone know if Mastercam has a fix for this? Is it in the post somewhere or Control Def or what? Running Mastercam 2017 but have seen this since X7 Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. Helix entry. One point. One chain. Simple. Not working :-(
  4. Does anyone know of a good way to pattern/transform operations for something that needs to both rotate and move along an axis. all of the cuts are the same. currently we use a translate between planes for each cut sometimes hundreds of pattern operations (also trying to prevent lots of tool changes) but i was wanting to find a better method.
  5. Morning, I don't do much work that required undercutting tools. I need some help in knowing what surface toolpaths allow undercutting. I'm doing a groove on a drum for cable winding (Like a crane would use). Its a helix path. using a 1/8 rad woodruff cutter. groove in the drum is .113 deep but is a .139 rad. lead is .286 on a 8.576 dia OD. Must be done from the end being the top. 4th is not a option due to a long reach if done from the side. Need a lead in and a lead out to clear the part. I'll work it out, just need a direction on what might work. Thanks Machineguy
  6. I am having a issue with a Helix milling cycle, on my PC when I post it and look at the code, it activates the cutter comp but does not turn in off and moves to its next location. I am guessing that it is dangerus to have cutter comp activated when it is doing positional moves. We did a test in a different file, everything identical and it turns it off. The only way to get rid of the problem is to do a perpendicular entry. Any thoughts?

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