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Found 26 results

  1. Spotterhphc


    Hello, I am looking for a way to rough out stock in an undercut situation using multi axis but also using stock recognition. Attached is the simplified MC file that I am working on. This is going to be run on an Integrex i300. When the file gets opened you can see the real part that I need to make on "level 1". "level 2" has the model I need (+.01" everywhere) prior to finish turning the inside. I've been messing around with this for some time now and I've gotten close as you can see in the toolpaths and stock "model 2" but i want to believe there is a much better way to do this. I am afraid of tool burial approaching the way i have it programmed now. "Stock Model 1", on level 3, is roughly what the stock will look like before I start cutting the undercut. Straight walls all the way to the bottom on the part. I scaled down the part to do some test cuts on aluminum first so that's why levels 3998-4001 have smaller geometry. The real part is copper so that's why I am milling and not turning. Is there a way to use multi axis toolpaths while using stock recognition on a feature like this? I want it to start at the straight walls and work its way in to the angled walls while not colliding with things (obviously). The real part will be using Tool #3 (1"ball em). With only .800 of flute so I will need to take depth cuts down to the floor. Note that i dont have to use the ball too the entire length. I can use multiple tools including bull end mills( T#1) if it makes things easier in the top section of the ID of the part. Any and all help is appreciated. Let me know if I left anything important out that you need to know. MULTI-AXIS.pdf MULTI-UNDERCUT.ZIP
  2. SadMachine86

    5 Axis Lead in tilt angle help

    Hi All, I could really use some help. I am cutting honeycomb and for the life of me I cannot get my lead/lag angle to apply to my toolpath entry. I have tried 5X flowline and parallel. I have a 1.5deg lead angle on the tool path but get my tool path to enter with the angle applied. Thank you,
  3. Hi, Im new at the forum, Im having a problem with Mastercam 2017 in windows 10 the problem is that I've already installed twice mastercam 2017 and when I try to verify the machining (simulate) gives me this error " C-Hook not found... C:/ Program files/mcam2017/chooks/MachSim.DLL " Anybody with the same issue that can help? Thank you

    Mastercam update adress/ip

    Hi. i´ve been trying to find out how the mastercam update service works, at this time we are blocking most websites and i´m trying to find out what site/ip to open so that we might update mastercam. i have tryed and all sub sites without succes. Does anyone know this site/ip? Thanks in advance.
  5. So I am trying to figure out why the program is not posting to the correct starting A axis point (or atleast in reason)! I am using mastercam x6/7 and digitized an intake manifold with 8 runners. Once the program is posted from the top view it is great but to get to the bottom half of the runner it should be starting at -245 and its starting at like 94. I played around with some parameter numbers but it wouldn't work so just took it out of the machine, flipped it over, and started digitizing again....what am I missing? On cylinder heads I am able to work this way without any issue but this manifold is being a pain- however I must figure out the solution for next time or it will drive me crazy.......thank you in advance! I am working in a centroid cnc A532 5 axis machine if that matters.
  6. MDole101

    New to Mastercam

    Im new to mastercam an am making a golf putter head for my grade 12 manufacturing project. i need help on how to set up and where to even start on this program. What do i set for my toolpath? How do i select a side to start cutting first? I have imported my putter head from autodesk inventor, but where do i go from here? Thanks
  7. Im new to mastercam an am making a golf putter head for my grade 12 manufacturing project. i need help on how to set up and where to even start on this program. What do i set for my toolpath? How do i select a side to start cutting first? I have imported my putter head from autodesk inventor, but where do i go from here? Thanks
  8. Hello to whomever reads this, I am a student just beginning learn Mastercam. I am using Mastercam X9 HLE (Home Learning Edition) and it worked for a few weeks with no problem. Now it doesn't even open and directs me to the crash report message in the picture I uploaded. I have submitted the forms in the crash report twice and nothing happened. I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but it still sends me to the crash report. Anyone have any advice on how to get it running again? My sincerest thanks, KartEnthusiast
  9. I seem to be having troubles getting a saw toolpath to work. Im trying to cut horizontal slices out of a block with a saw blade and i want my toolpath to plunge from the side (it is a saw, so naturally...), but mastercam is treating my saw as an endmill (i created a new slotting tool) also its keeping the entire face of the saw tangent to my surfaces, when it should keep the saw edge tangent to the surfaces. Is there a way to change this? How do i get mastercam to treat my tool as a saw blade rather than an endmill. Im relatively new to mastercam so i apologize if there is some obvious solution, but i cant seem to find any information. Thank you!
  10. mox11

    Labeling Nested Parts

    I am using the nesting command to get many different part on to one sheet as efficiently as possible. the problem i am running into is that several of the sheets have parts that are very similar, and after they are cut out it will be hard to identify which part is which. I would like to set up the machine to go through and write with a marker an identification number before the part is cut out. The problem i am running into is when I nest the writing command (either engraving or contour) with the contour command for the larger part, the writing command doesn't stay inside of the part, and is just nested on its own. any advice on how i can end up with labeled nested parts?
  11. BCITStudent

    Help with machining a mold

    Hi, I am trying to machine a mold for a blade and having trouble with multiple errors such as: 1. A solid with at least one serious fault has been created, keep it anyway? 2. Operation can not be performed on sheet body solids Im trying to fill the cavity to be able to machine the surface, then in a separate set up machine the cavity. I've tried some different things but i am not sure how to do this or fix these errors. Attached is the file, thanks! Mold Half 1-OLD.mcx-8
  12. Thank you for reading, I'm struggling with this 5 axis curve tool axis control using HAAS Trunnion. The tool-path I'm using is Multi-axis Curve with tool axis control "Point". Using the point for tool control look okay, but the tool angles which makes a chamfered part edge. I also tried using lines parallel to the part edge for tool control, but the tool path was all over the place. I even tried using a drive surface near the parts center, but I failed to get and good results. The part matl is hydroformed 6061 at .063 thick. Could someone please see if you can get this to work and school me on what it is I'm not doing right. For all I know I could be using the wrong toolpath or this part cannot be multi-axis milled. The MCX-8 file is attached / backup link -------------------------- The picture below shows the edge I want need to machine. -------------------------------- Extra view John
  13. newbie70

    Info on Heidenhain

    Hi Members I need help with Heidenhain program start Block : BLK Form 0.1 and BLK Form 0.2. What does 0.1 and 0.2 represent? Thks. in advance. newbie70
  14. newbie70


    Hi Members I need help with BSPT and BSPP tapping lib. I also checked C-Hook, couldn't find any lib for BSPT and BSPP. Iam running X7. THKS in adv. newbie70
  15. Hi Members I need help with taper thread. No matter what size the taper thread is? What I learnt in school is 1 line format using G76 thread cycle where X is the minor diameter of long end. However, when I am using Mcam, G76 thread cycle , X comes up as minor diameter of short end even though my setup is for minor diameter of long end. My query is, do I need to edit this in mcam post to manual programming setting or leave it as it is? Thks in Advance Newbie
  16. Joey King

    X7 Verify Issues

    I am having an issue wit X7 verify. on some parts I save my stock from running the verify so I can use it on my next operation to verify. I have had no issues until just a few weeks ago and now every time I try and use the exported stl stock file it tells me one or more issues has occurred. any ideas?
  17. Hi! I urgently need a post processor for Mastercam V9, x2 or x6 for machine Deckel Maho DMC 63V with Siemens 810 / 840D. Thanks
  18. rempie

    can bus node lost

    i have a older machine with a anilam 3300m controller. we use surfcam which is linked to machine with a ethernet cable. at the machine, programs must be converted to conversational format before running. my question is, we are having a problem with the program randomly stopping when doing surfacing type work, followed by an error msg which reads...can bus node lost. does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  19. Liam.Woinson

    Circular patterns (PCD)

    Hi, I am in need to produce a set of holes around a PCD and just wondering if there is any function I could use? Any guidance on this would be grateful cheers
  20. Hi Members I just can't figure out boring and internal grooving process. Everytime I try, collision msg. pops up. Please help. newbie70
  21. Pic related, it's the geometry of the finished part. problem is every time I use rough/finish to make a toolpath, it just turns the OD and completely ignores the contour. If I go point-to-point, it creates huge steps that my groove won't be able to finish. if I do plunge-turn, it'll hit the contour, but it cuts torward the positive on the angles. I just want it to be one, simple pass. start at beginning of contour>cut angle/radius>cut "flat">cut front angle/radius>done. I don't understand why the rough/finish toolpaths aren't making the cut, and there aren't any settings to my knowledge that'll let me plunge/turn negatively exclusively, in one foul swoop please excuse my noobiness, I'm still pretty new at this and i'm having to teach myself. thanks
  22. Joey King

    X+ Set-Up Sheets & Tool List

    Me and my fellow co-worker have downloaded X+ in order to get better set-up sheets. We would like to use the excel option as the out-put but are clueless at how to modify it. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Jay CSWA

    MCX Cartemp Files

    I need the Cartemp file for MCX Project work book, the link that was in it will not take me to it. Please Email to Thanks
  25. I searched but cant find any info on programming a horizontal from center of rotation versus using work offsets. I have been programming our two horizontals using work offsets for each side of the plate that we have up. For some reason the operators mess up finding the work offsets from time to time for what ever reason. My boss is insisting i start programming from center using no work offsets. What are your thoughts. Our typical work consist of squaring a plate of various sizes four sides with a macro type program. And when we have to put slots, lift holes or short gun drilled lines in i program them with mastercam. I am using top as center then picking the face of the edges for my front, right, back, left offsets which front and back are G54 and right and left are G55. The plate is squared on center of the pallet. I don't like programming from center with no offsets because i have to manually enter a clearance, retract, top of stock and depth. When i normally have to only enter the depth because everything else is entered as a default. The boss wants everything to be monkey proof. He doesn't want the operator to have any responsibility other then hit the go button. I am insisting that we need to at the very least be able to enter work offset.

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