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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I'm from a student team based in Taiwan and is interested in learning Net-hook / C-hook. We've recently got 3rd party access from our cooperative reseller but couldn't find any learning material from the web nor the reseller. Thus, here I am seeking help from the community. We're trying to build a parameter interface that can generate tool path for machining. But due to the lack of resources and knowledge on the topic, we were unable to move forward. Thus, I'm here seeking help to see if anyone knows where to find resources or examples on net hook / c hook to push us forward. Any basic knowledge help regarding the logic and function of Net-hook / C-hook are also welcomed. Tools accessible: Mastercam 2023, Visual Studio 2022 Thanks for all help and advices.
  2. Hey! I am trying to define a turning operation in Mastercam using NETHOOK API. Currently, I am unable to access the tools for performing turning operation, as Mastercam supports only milling operations as default, but we want to work with lathe and millturn operations. All the tools are in the form of mill tools. Is there a method or class to refer and call turning ,roughing and finishing tools (lathe operations, millturn operations). The operations and tools list in Mastercam NETHOOK API are also milling operations. Is there a documentation to refer for turning or lathe operations?
  3. In my NetHook I need to compare tools from operations (Mastercam.Database.Tool) with tools from the tool library (CNC.Tool.Interop.TlTool). e.g. I want to compare the name -> OperationTool.Name = TlTool.Name so far good, but if I want to compare the diameter? OperationTool.Diameter = TlTool.? Gaugediameter? Gaugediameter always returns 0 for me and if I want to compare the ToolType? OperationTool.ToolTypeID can be compared, but in TlTool ToolTypeID is only a GUID. So how can I convert a TlTool to a Tool to compare parameters, or what are the comparable parameters? Thanks in advance for any help PS: I use Mastercam 2022
  4. Hi, I am new to Mastercam NetHook Development. I am trying to get a 3d-point (x,y,z) of the Solid Geometry, but I am not able to find any function for that. I tried the "BasePoint" function, but it always gives (x,y,z ) points as (0,0,0), though my geometry is not at 0. Which function is there to get the exact x,y,z points? please help..
  5. Hi, I am new to Mastercam NetHook Development. I am trying to get a 3d-point (x,y,z) of the Solid Geometry, but I am not able to find any function for that. I tried the "BasePoint" function, but it always gives (x,y,z ) points as (0,0,0), though my geometry is not at 0. Which function is there to get the exact x,y,z points? please help..
  6. hello, I have one question i dont have found any answer in the online documentation. Is it possible with NetHook to have, without create any additionnal geometry, the canonic datas of a solid edge? - The type (Arc, Line, Nurbs…) - And the data (Arc center, radius, plane or line ends) ? In Mastercam, that's possible for exemple with analyze function, but is it possible to do the same in a Net Hook program and access to all of these data? Thanks in advance!
  7. Is there a way to project a curve onto a surface via a nethook. I want to generate s series of lines projected onto a surface. Thanks Matt
  8. Hi there, I'm working on a tool managment system for factory and I would like to import partial data to my system from Mastercam. I found SearchManager which perfect fit for getting tools (drill/mill), but it does not provide holders and tool assemblies. Is it possible somehow to get more access to tooldb through NETHook or other API? Thanks a lot for answers.
  9. Is it possible to reference the name of an imported solid using a NetHook? I would like to automatically add labels to my solids (similar to what you can do when nesting solids but without nesting them). The "solid" name I have reference to is the one that you find when you look at the "Solids" tab or when you click on a solid and Analyze it. Thanks
  10. Updated for X8; All previous templates have been removed. Note: In both cases you can install directly from within Visual Studio 2013 go to Tools -> Extensions and Updates and search on-line for Mastercam. Direct Downloads: C# Template VB.NET Template As always please direct any questions, requests, concerns to this thread,
  11. Does anyone know the Mastercam 2018 keyboard shortcut to bring up the color pallet directly (see pic); bypassing the attribute panel? Reason; my mouse has programmable buttons. I like these programmed to change colors while drawing. X9 was the last version that had a keyboard shortcut I know of. Thank you
  12. I'm trying to develop a NETHook to automate some tasks, but I've realized that NETHook library doesn't include some funcionalities. I've read in the forum that the method to deal with this problem is PInvoke the C++ functions from mi NET app, and I've read some documentation from the Microsoft Developer Network. My query is if, in order to provide a C++ function with a surf_type structure (defined in the C++ library of Mastercam), I have to create a VB structure with the whole group of attributes to marshal this type of data. Another thing is if in the MCcore.dll there exist the exported functions to use DLLImport with this library. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi I'm try to create a Solid by revolve the geometry in a specific Level. Is it possible to do this with a C# nethook? Thank you for help! Dennis
  14. When using VBScript, more precisely the 'StartDBSearch' function, I can easily find draft entities by isolating entites by looking for entities where GetEntityType = 64. I cannot find similar functionality using the new C# NetHook API. Is there a way more similar to the referenced VBScript to locate and select only drafting entities. Am I missing something simple? I attempted to circumvent the problem by firing an FT command using the ExternalAppsManager class to "QuickMaskAllDraftingAll" This works to select all drafting entities, but attempting to move them or work with them as normal geometry results in the following error message. Box Title - "Error: Typecaster::GeometryCaster" Box Text - "One or more of the geometry entities could not be added - Typecaster encountered an unknown geometry type I dont see (I could be missing it) any other entity types in the API, nor do I see any methods for dealing with drafting entities directly. Thank you again for your time.
  15. Greetings all, find myself here often when looking for answers, first time posting. Questions follow my short rambling below. After altering many posts and cobbling together a functional aggregate head post I started looking into writing vbscripts. I accoplished what I set out to, digging through swaths of this site in particular to learn what was available to me. During that time it became more and more clear that vbscripts were on their way out, while Net-Hooks using c# or vb.net seem to be the way of the future. Throughout all these projects, documentation has been very sparse. Usually requiring 3rd party documents or in the case of writing Net-Hooks with c#, digging through the dll files included with the project to decode functionallity. I do not own my own mastercam license seat. As far as I can tell, all the real documentation sits behind the mastercam.com paywall. I have regiatered an accout, without linking a product, and still get re-routed when attempting to access any documentation. Questions: 1) Is there any alternative method to accessing the Net-Hook documentation? (Biggest sticking point is being unable to isolate drafting entities. I was able to accomplish this using a vbscript after some fiddling. Essentially ran the quickmaskall for drafting entities then searched for all selected entities) 2)Stumbled onto Mick's GitHub through my searching. Are the examples available there what falls under the open source license? (Cant imagine it is the NetHook Api.) 3) The most current project file available to download for visual studio says it has beem updated for X8, am i to understand we have not yet reached compatability with mc2017? Thank you all for your time. Any example projects would be most helpful and I am happy to return the favor.
  16. For those unaware there has been a NETHook included as part of Mastercam (for quite sometime) that allows batch processing of layered dxf, dwg and mcx files utilizing machining strategies. A machining strategy is a list of level names that are associated (read: mapped) to Mastercam operations. There are two new tutorials that walk you through two examples of using this NETHook, one for Router (kitchen cabinets) and one for Mill (mold bases). Feel free to reply to this thread for any ATP related questions or requests. http://www.mastercam.com/en-us/Support/Tutorials/Mastercam
  17. Hello, I modified the Arc data in nethook 3 I wanted to use the Undo , but Failed. Code are as follows: if (!UndoManager.IsTransactionActive()) { UndoManager.StartTransaction(); } foreach (ArcGeometry atc in Selectedarcs) { atc.Data.EndAngleDegrees = (double)360.0; atc.Data.StartAngleDegrees = (double)0.0; atc.Commit(); GraphicsManager.Repaint(true); } UndoManager.CommitTransaction();  What's wrong?
  18. Im using MasterCam X7, 64 bit, Windows 7 64bit, Visual Studio 10, .Net FrameWork 4, NetHook3_0 if I have a simple form open in my nethook, the entire application freezes if I create a new tool. To reproduce the problem: 1) Create a new nethook using the supplied template. 2) add a new form to the application. leave all the default settings for the form in place 3) In the default NetHook Namespace, in the Mastercam RUN function (Public Overrides Function Run(ByVal param As Integer) As MCamReturn) launch your form: Dim MyForm as new Form1 MyForm.show 4) Run your Nethook, and load a Mastercam file with toolpaths (no matter what order) 5) Launch ToolManager, and create a new tool - the defaults are fine (Click "Next", click "Finish") Once you close the Create New Tool window, Mastercam freezes. Is this reproducible on newer versions of Visual Studio ? And if so, is there a workaround ?
  19. In Mastercam, when I set a miscellaneous int in a toolpath, disable "Automatically set to post values when posting", and then post, those values are passed to the post without a problem. When I use this code below in a NetHook, the values are set, and that box is disabled in the path, but the post is using its default values until the toolpath is regenerated: op.MiscValues.UseValuesFromPost = false; op.MiscValues.Integers[0] = 1; op.Commit(false); Both of those methods make the Misc. Values page look identical under the path, but only the manual one seems to work without regenerating. Am I missing something?
  20. Good morning all, Does anyone know where I can find the specification for the Machine Definition and Control Definition file formats? I'm looking to be able to edit the file directly as I don't have access to everything I need in a NetHook.
  21. I'm having a bit of trouble getting 'GetOpGroupDataInExternalFile' to run with success. Using X7, and attempting to read in an X7 file which contains Operations. The function always returns FALSE. dropped the following code into my Run Function: Dim FileSpec As String = "C:\TMP\TEST.MCX-7" Dim success As Boolean = False Dim OpData() As ExternalOpsFileData = Nothing Dim GroupData() As ExternalGroupsFileData = Nothing success = SearchManager.GetOpGroupDataInExternalFile(FileSpec, GroupData, OpData) Any idea what I'm doing wrong ?
  22. I've been going through the API for Nethook 3, and I am blown away from all that has been added! Especially with the Tooling! There are a couple of new (related) features I have a question about, tho: 'GetToolsInExternalFile' and 'GetOpGroupDataInExternalFile'. How are these files generated? Is the Tool File a tooling library?
  23. Hi all, I'm trying to avoid parameterizing a fillet between to lines. Do you think that should be possible via Nethook library?

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