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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I work in IT at a college and we have an odd problem in our CAD computer lab. We currently have Mastercam 2017 installed on 25 machines and they are communicating with our license server via Nethasp (25 seat license file on the server). We can launch Mastercam, it finds the license server and loads up fine. Problem is that we can only launch the program on 1 computer at a time. Not to say that we are unable to use all 25 seats…we can. We need to physically click the desktop shortcut on each client computer about 20 seconds apart in order to have Mastercam launch on all 25 computers. 1 client needs to launch Mastercam fully before we can launch another client. If we try to launch multiple clients at the same time we get one of these errors. It’s almost like if the server is talking to 1 client (verifying the license via Nethasp), it cannot speak to any other clients until it is done with the current client. The error occurs on the splash screen after about 20 seconds of "Checking Hasp..." “Exiting…No Mastercam license found. Do you have an activation code?” “Exiting…No Mastercam products enabled on this license” This becomes a problem in a classroom environment for us since all the students log in at the same time at the beginning of class and try to launch Mastercam. The only way to get things working is to have Computer #01 launch Mastercam fully, followed by Computer #02, and so on for the next 10 minutes. This wastes a lot of time. Just wondering if anyone else out there is running a nethasp setup with multiple machines...and if so, would you mind testing this out for me in your environment? Login to a handful of machines and simultaneously launch Mastercam on them all. I'm trying to determine if it's worth it to rebuild a fresh server, or if I can fix the problem on the current server...or if this is something that happens to everyone and there is not a fix. I've contacted Mastercam support and they had me verify the nethasp.ini and nhsvr.ini settings. Also reinstalled a clean copy of the License Manager to no avail. Thanks for any help with this!
  2. Afternoon, I'm trying to use the Dongle provided with our Mastercam X7 software for licensing. Currently we have it set up on a physical box, however I would like to consolidate that and place it on our License Server. Our "license server" is virtualized and is hosted on a VMWare ESXi host. The issue I was running into was the end users were able to see that Virtual Server, however they would keep getting disconnected from the dongle. Has anybody have any success with hosting the dongle in a Virtual Environment? If so, could you please let me know what you did to make this work?
  3. We have about 20 PCs running MasterCAM in our shop. Instead of having to locally install every machine I'd like to deploy over the network. Does MasterCAM have a network deployment pathway? Also, we'd like to create a network location for all config, keymap and post files. I understand those files won't be available during a network outage, but we're willing to take that chance. Not to mention if there's a network outage, there's no NetHASP. So network outages aside, has anyone been successful storing these files on the network instead of locally? Or maybe restore default versions from the network automatically during login? -Craig
  4. I have a 64bit computer running Windows Xp - I am using Mastercam X6 - We have three licenses for Router Plus and one floating license for Pro. The plus versions always starts with no problem but when i need to start the pro version i get an error "Error checking out a router level 3 license". Mastercam will load after I click the ok button on the error dialog box but will not have any 5 axis features available. The hasp was on another machine which was 32bit so we moved it to my machine thinking that may make a difference but it has not. The solution we came up with was to restart the services "HASP License Manager" and "HASP Loader" and then it will load with no problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions for this problem?
  5. Hi, I'm a teacher using Mastercam X5 over a network. Last year all my PC's connected with the red USB hasp with no problem. I tried to launch Mastercam X5 for the first time in 6 months and find that it can't find the network hasp. Tried many things: restart server, move hasp to different USB port, Stop/Start the HASP services on server. Nothing is working. (I know of the need to launch NHASP and set SIM type to NetHASP and Mode to Network. Previous threads on the subject not helpful. Don't see why things would stop working. Configuration is exactly the same as it was last year. Any suggestions appreciated. -John

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