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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I have recently upgraded our team's PCs to Mastercam 2020 and we are having an issue with the printed Name/Date that appears at the top of a print (see picture) Once on paper it is laughably tiny. So much so that our operators in the warehouse are complaining that they can barely read the program number. Is there a way to make it bigger?
  2. We use the setup sheet option in Mastercam and save to PDF so the guys on the floor at the machines can pull up the setup sheets on a computer. My request is; since Mastercam is already a CAD system why cant we do our screen captures as vectors instead of raster? If we could then we could zoom in on the screen capture and it would stay clear and PDF supports vectors. This is what is even being done across the web for websites because there's so many different screen sizes and resolutions. Vector is the way to go. I hope to see Masstercam do the same. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have a problem printing with mastercam (2018). When I print a drawing, there are times, my dotted lines do not print! when I look at my preview before printing, on the screen, they are there! I have to close my mastercam, and I print a second time, and it works! Do you have any solutions thank you
  4. First post! Hello Folks! Amateur programmer here only using mastercam for about 3 years now. A lot of the older guys like to have me do all the research on issues with their software. Let me get straight to the point. We have about 8/9 PCs around the shop running mcam, and 5 of which are full time including myself. Recently with the install with 2018 being released I installed it on all of our machines. Some programmers are not so quick to jump into the new release as others. Myself, I jumped right in. I encountered an issue with printing from and through phone calls back and forth, sessions with our re seller we were unable to come up with a solution or reason for the issue. Basically it would only print the top maybe 10% of the page and cut off the rest. Long story short I just resulted to printing to a PDF and then printing from there. Short work around, but work around none the less. I was the only one having the issue until a second machine started having the same issue. After some use and a few weeks went by one of our machines had encountered an issue where we would open MCAM 2018 and nothing would happen. No splash screen, nothing. Yet after some investigation opening the task manager mastercam would still show up in processes but nothing would be open. After working with our reseller and going back and forth with them attempting to fix the issue for days they were unable to figure out the issue or why this was happening. The reseller even got CNC Software involved and they couldnt figure it out. Our short term solution was to choose a system restore point previous to the issue. It has since happened three other times. Once more with the same machine and twice on another. Now this time the system restore point has not worked. These are just happening at random times upon closing/opening or on restart. Wanted to post here to maybe see if anyone else is having similar issue or may have suggests of us. Much appreciated! Sam

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