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Found 6 results

  1. Hey! I am trying to define a turning operation in Mastercam using NETHOOK API. Currently, I am unable to access the tools for performing turning operation, as Mastercam supports only milling operations as default, but we want to work with lathe and millturn operations. All the tools are in the form of mill tools. Is there a method or class to refer and call turning ,roughing and finishing tools (lathe operations, millturn operations). The operations and tools list in Mastercam NETHOOK API are also milling operations. Is there a documentation to refer for turning or lathe operations?
  2. Hello. I would like to rough this pocket by ramping all the way down, in multiple stepovers, with a high feed face mill. I cant figure out which feature to use, I am using Mastercam 2021 2D/3D. Thank you! Andreas F Validate
  3. Hello Everyone, If you own a seat of Multi-Axis in Mastercam, you have a ton of great toolpaths that are available from ModuleWorks. There are actually a bunch of really great 3 Axis Toolpaths produced by ModuleWorks that are included in Mastercam, but they are almost "hidden" from the normal user. These toolpaths aren't actually hidden from the user. But the Mastercam interface makes them appear to be something they aren't, so the average user, even the average Multi-Axis user, doesn't know they exist. If you have a seat of Multi-Axis, do the following: With a Machine Group loaded, go to Toolpaths > Multi-Axis. If prompted, enter a new program name. In the Multi-Axis dialog box, select "Surface/Solid", then select "Triangular mesh". The Triangular Mesh toolpaths are the best kept secret in Mastercam. They have been available since at least X5, so they have been in the last few versions of the software. The term "Triangular Mesh" is perhaps what makes these toolpaths "hidden" from the average user. Typically you would think of a Triangular Mesh object as an STL file, or some other external reference. In terms of the ModuleWorks toolpaths however, Triangular Mesh takes on a new meaning. For most of the 5 Axis toolpaths, the normal direction of the surfaces being cut plays a crucial role in determining the tool axis orientation. With the "Triangular Mesh" toolpaths, the surfaces themselves are not used to orient the tool axis. For these toolpaths the surfaces are simply tessellated using a cut tolerance. In a nutshell, this just means that the "Triangular Mesh" toolpaths are just "3D Rouging and Finishing" toolpaths that don't take their tool axis direction from the surfaces being cut. They just provide great 3 Axis toolpaths that in some ways duplicate functionality in Mastercam, and in other cases drastically improve upon the existing options. Once you've selected "Triangular Mesh" for the toolpath type, go to the "Cut Pattern" page, and look at the drop-down menu for "Pattern". This is where you select the toolpath type, and there are a bunch of them! Toolpaths: Rough Parallel Cuts Project Curves Constant Z Constant Cusp Flatlands Geodesic Projection Rotary So that is nine different toolpath types that are available to you if you select Triangular Mesh. Try the "Rouging" option. Activate the checkbox for "Adaptive" roughing, and now the style is similar to "Dynamic". But wait, it gets better. Normally with Dynamic style motion, you are only allowed to cut climb or conventional. Ok, so if you climb cut only, the cutter has to move from the end of the cut, to the start of the next cut, and typically does a micro-lift at a high feedrate to get there. With the Adaptive rouging from ModuleWorks, you can use "Zig-Zag" stepover. This then allows you to enter 4 parameters: Maximum Stepover, Desired Stepover, Climb stepover percentage, and conventional stepover percentage. So you can easily take say 75% of the stepover value for climb milling, then take 25% of the stepover value for conventional. This allows the cutter to stay fully engaged during the roughing cut, and allows for even higher metal removal rates than a regular "Dynamic" or "Opti" style roughing path. If you've got a license of Multi-Axis, check out Mastercam's best kept secret...
  4. I have a relatively large titanium part to make. Using dynamic optirough the first 3/4" step down cuts for about 2.3 hours. Is there any simple way I can get a retract and stop every 1/2 hour to check for wear and possibly change out the endmill? I know that I can back plot the tool path then break it and drive it but I would prefer not to.
  5. Can I make the roughing steps go BELOW the curve? I only seem to be able to make the rouging steps be above the curve...
  6. Back again with another question I have this part with 3D circular surface, but after much trying and frustration, I cannot find a proper way to apply toolpaths. The toolpath keeps digging into the hole in the middle of the part. How would you do it? TEST.MCX-7

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