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Found 8 results

  1. Which do you like using more Stock Models or .STLs what are your preferences based on. I recently have been using Stock Model on some really big optirough and optirest paths and the stock model seems to take a very long time to regenerate so I am tempted to go back to .stl files but along time ago(X4) I noticed if you moved your .stl across multiple operations it had the tendency to get artifacts or glitchy triangles that were paper thin shooting off random faces, anyway please let me know what you think about this. I had time to make this poll and post while my Stock Model was regenerating it still hasn't finished....Tips on making this process faster would also be great
  2. Hi, hope that everyone out there is well. It's been 3 years since I used Mastercam, the last version was 2018. Been using ESPRIT at a new job, however, we just got Mastercam 2022. I'm trying to program a pretty complex part for a 5-axis machine and once I create the Stock Model and click on it everything else from the work space goes away. The only thing that brings it back is shutting the levels off and then turn them back on but as soon as I click on the Stock Model it all goes away again. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. MC
  3. Hello, Is seems to mirror the stock and not flip it. Can someone confirm this? Is there anyway to have it flip and not mirror? I'm using a Mazak Integrex and it would be nice to use stock model for my second setup instead of creating a STL file for my stock. Too bad you can't save stock as a solid and save it to a level then rotate the stock on that level or something like that. How would you create a stock simulation for the second setup? TIA, Greg
  4. 2018 Verify has the option to reference a stock model thats in the tree in the toolpath manager right?
  5. I was machining a part and the part moved considerably. I have created a stock model for the toolpath that was running when said incident happened. My question is, is there a way to create curves or something on the stock model so I can attach the origin point to existing material? Any help on how to create geometry on the stock model or any other solution would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you Cheers!!
  6. I am having a problem in X8 with the stock model. I have the build from Sept 22 (under the help>about tab), pretty sure I downloaded the latest version... So if I verify a part and save it as an stl it looks like garbage when I use the file as the stock model. Oddly, if I use the stock model toolpath and generate it from source operations it looks fine. If I take that stock model (generated from the source operations and stock setup) and right click and export to stl it looks fine as well. Any ideas? I have my save as stl tolerance at .005 in the mastercam simulator defaults. I don't know if the probelm is repeatable in other files yet, but I did try and restart MCX and that didn't help. I vaguely remember seeing this a little in X7 too... Would the geometry of the part affect any of this? It was a .step import FWIW. The part itself is fairly small, 1/2x2x6 roughly, but it does have a lot of small features. I can't post any pics or files because it is ITAR controlled. Thanks for any help
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to create a stock model from an op using a custom tool and I'm getting the following message: "Stock model regen failed to access toolpath data - unsupported type? unsupported tool or bad tool definition? missing custom tool file." The tool geometry is coming from a dxf file. I had no problems creating the tool and it verifies just fine. For some reason the Stock Model operation can't use it. Are there any special requirements for Stock Model that dictate the tool type or the location for a custom tool's geometry? Thank you for any advice, Dan
  8. Hello everyone, Wondering if anyone has some insight on why do you have to setup the stock view in the Stock Model Toolpath to TOP for it to display right. I am using a Solid Stock on a separate level on my Current OP1 WCS but if I setup the stock view to OP1 the stock does not fall in the right place. See attached !

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