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Found 10 results

  1. I like Mastercam 2018 with the Hybrid toolpath, on my fireball cnc router, just need to fine tune it on the settings. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. thank you, everyone.
  2. Trying to cut the walls of a semi-steep pocket that has no floor. I want to climb mill, but using tool motion from bottom to top. The tool path wants to go around the perimeter of the pocket in a counter-clockwise motion, and I need it to move clockwise. Is there a way to force the overall direction of travel? We are currently going in the direction of the red arrow, and I want the green. I have played with start locations, containment boundary chain directions, and sweep angles to no effect.
  3. I keep getting a partial flow edge detected error. Is my guitar neck model that bad?. Take a look, fix any errors please,ha ha. COMPLETED 2017 RAINIER.zip
  4. I'm new to Mastercam 2017 (upgraded from X7), and I'm trying to create a lofted surface with multiple curves using the window option for my chains. The files are cranial scans that get saved as .iges files with curves consisting of lines that from a head (see image). In X7, I'd easily click lofted surface, select the window of all the curves, select a starting point and the surface was created instantly. In Mcam 2017, when I match the surface configuration settings as X7 it takes forever and creates thousands of surfaces that wrap from top to bottom. When I change the setting from NURBS to a curve generated surface, the single surface is created similar to X7. The problem is I need to re-save the file as an .iges and 2017 crashes every time when it's curve generated. When it creates the thousands of surfaces (NURBS setting) I can save as .iges no problem. My goal is to quickly create the SINGLE surface, and re-save just the surface as the new .iges file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Good Afternoon All, I am looking for a c hook or information about the method functions etc... for creating large conic surface, the surfaces would be cones or cylinder 30m long. I am new to this forum.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a PVC part in a live tool lathe with a C-axis. It has a bore contour that I would like to rough with a live ball mill for reasons of chip control. Is it possible and, if so, what process could I use to mill the ID surface while spinning the C-axis and following the X-axis out (+) from the center? I am using X9. TIA Benz c-axis surface milling.mcx-9
  7. Good Morning All, I have recently been working on automating some rather repetitive steps that we take between NX and MasterCAM. I have the NX part complete but seem to be having a hard time finding much research material online for Mastercam VB Scripting. In UG I could record a macro in VB and learn and tweak from that but I am having a hard time figuring out a good way do do something similar in Mastercam. I have scavenged through the example VBS files and managed to pick out a little of what I needed but it is minimal. The steps I am needing to take are... 1) Draw 2 lines outside of the part. 2) Create a Ruled/Lofted Surface between these two lines. 3) Create Curve at Intersection a) Selecting a Parasolid that is already open. Using the Created Ruled/Lofted Surface as Intersection of Parasolid. Can you please point me to a good resource or example for these steps that I can pick apart a bit? Thanks all! James Here is what I have so far, it isn't much yet... Public Const PlaneLevel = 2 Call Main() Sub Main() Call ResetAll Call CreateOutline Call RepaintScreen(True) End Sub Sub ResetAll() Call RepaintScreen(True) Call ClearPromptLines End Sub Sub CreateOutline Dim CLine Dim intRet Set CLine = New McLn With CLine .X1 = -20 .Y1 = -30 .Z1 = 0 .X2 = -20 .Y2 = 50 .Z2 = 0 intRet = CreateLine(CLine, mcCONSTRUCTION_COLOR_CURRENT, PlaneLevel) .X1 = 20 .Y1 = -30 .Z1 = 0 .X2 = 20 .Y2 = 50 .Z2 = 0 intRet = CreateLine(CLine, mcCONSTRUCTION_COLOR_CURRENT, PlaneLevel) End With Set CLine = Nothing End Sub
  8. Subject should be " Surface Finish Blend stray toolpath x7" Hi, Surface Finish Blend is one of my favorite toolpaths. I feel I understand it well, but sometimes these stray wall climbing paths form. They don't actually touch the surface but are out in space. Takes me a lot of tweaking to get rid of them sometimes. I start with simple setting; .002 or .005 Total Tolerance/ .01 Step, Zig zag, Gap is 800 and No Arc Filtering on a 3/8 Ball milling .270 typ fillets. Anyone have an answer to this? Thank you
  9. Hey Everyone, first post here. I need help with a problem I'm having. Attached is a screen shot of my problem while using the Parallel Surface Finish toolpath. I keep getting these fingers that travel up in Z all over the toolpath. I have changed every setting inside the parameters without any luck of getting rid of them. I thought it was a Gap Settings issue, but I tried every setting in there yielding no results. Anyone have any suggestions? my knowledge of surfacing in mastercam is really limited to simple surfaces. Thank you, Richard Wells
  10. Back again with another question I have this part with 3D circular surface, but after much trying and frustration, I cannot find a proper way to apply toolpaths. The toolpath keeps digging into the hole in the middle of the part. How would you do it? TEST.MCX-7

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