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Found 13 results

  1. I would like to use an index drill as a drill and boring bar. I can set it up like a drill in my tool library, but does anyone know the proper way to call it out being that its has offsets for a drill and also offsets as a boring bar. HAAS has a video saying you can do this, but they don't really explain much beyond that. The devil is in the details. - The process would be call out the Drill as TOOL X with offset X and drill hole. - Then call out "drill" again, but it's actually a boring bar now. It would have the offset of a boring bar. The designation would still be drill but operating as a boring bar. This gets really confusing. I almost think I have to do the tool as a boring bar separately using the insert on the outside like the tip of a boring bar. Thanks, Steve
  2. bd41612

    Concave tool holders

    Has anyone else run into this? This is a .dxf file of a Nikken SK16C in HSK63. No matter what I do, I can't get rid of the concave face on the nut.
  3. Wavey

    Tool Manager

    Has anyone had experience with exporting a tool database as a text file? I'm trying to pull out holder information along with the tool information, and this line ten definition isn't printing out. So far I've tried a tool database with only assemblies, and with a mix of tools holders and assemblies. Is there a setting that I am missing?
  4. Can anyone help with this error? This came up creating a new 3d turning tool in the manager. Whenever I try to load my step file or even use a solid created within Mastercam for the insert or holder, I get this parasolid error 922. It doesn't matter what body/complexity I try to use. I've tried restarting my computer, reinstalling Mastercam, and used the check solid feature on the tool bodies, which returned the bodies were okay. Thanks in advance.
  5. Fairly new to Mastercam and I am currently working on a new tool library, Originally I had planned to put my tool coatings in my tool Desc however it does not show up in my tool manager in Mastercam, in the stand alone tool manager program it allows me to view it, is there anyway to get it to show in Mastercam as well? (Mastercam 2019 is the version I am using.)
  6. Hello, I am trying to include a knurling tool in the list of turning tools that we use. I tried searching of ways to do that but being fairly new to MasterCAM would appreciate a direction to a more clearer explanation or a step by step process, if possible. Thank you.
  7. I've just started using X8 - i think it is fantastic. I'm looking to find the parameters for the Description, Manufacturer name & Manf Tool Code in the 'General' Field of the Tool Manager. I would like to get them into my Tool List. Thanks in advance for any help, and retro thanks for all the help you guys have been in the past, I have picked your collective brains for several years as a browser and have benefited greatly from your knowledge . Peter Lawrence SoCal,USA
  8. msvh77


    I am running X7 SP2. I can not create a tool, either in Operations Manager or in the Tool Manager. The error I get is "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." When I try it in Tool Manager I also get "Database Load Errors". All of them refer to .Net Framework Data Provider. I talked with support at my reseller. The first suggestion was to update my video driver. Did that, no improvement. Any help on this would be appreciated. thanks.
  9. I am trying to setup a master file for a lathe program in X7. I have to program the part for two different okuma machines, one is a LB-15 single turret and the other is a LU3000 with upper and lower turret. The problem I am running into is I want to make one file with both machines underneath it. My problem is the tool list keep combining the unused tools when I reopen master file. I want to keep the unused tools separate because on other parts I may need them. Any help or advice would be great.
  10. DPARKS

    Tool Manager Glitchy?

    I have been trying to make tool assemblies in the Mastercam Tool Manager and I can creat the assembly, drag and drop the holder to the assembly, but when I try to drag and drop the tool to the assembly it will not work. It just displays the circle with the line through it and will not attach to the assembly. Anyone have this problem?
  11. Im using MasterCam X7, 64 bit, Windows 7 64bit, Visual Studio 10, .Net FrameWork 4, NetHook3_0 if I have a simple form open in my nethook, the entire application freezes if I create a new tool. To reproduce the problem: 1) Create a new nethook using the supplied template. 2) add a new form to the application. leave all the default settings for the form in place 3) In the default NetHook Namespace, in the Mastercam RUN function (Public Overrides Function Run(ByVal param As Integer) As MCamReturn) launch your form: Dim MyForm as new Form1 4) Run your Nethook, and load a Mastercam file with toolpaths (no matter what order) 5) Launch ToolManager, and create a new tool - the defaults are fine (Click "Next", click "Finish") Once you close the Create New Tool window, Mastercam freezes. Is this reproducible on newer versions of Visual Studio ? And if so, is there a workaround ?
  12. DR-CME

    Tool Length Changed

    Using Tool Manager in X7 MU1. When I create a Tool Assembly in TM looks fine, but when I bring the tool in to Mcam it is changed. The problem is that Mcam does not recognize the tool lengths from Tool Manager. If I reset the lengths in Mcam it is OK but it still will not load right from TM. Screenshots are attached. Any help would be great. Tool Length - Manager- Mcamx.pdf
  13. oneyankfan1

    X7 Tool Manager

    In X7 when i open the tool manager the apperance is "jumbled" i have to expand the tool name, and collapse other sections i dont want to see, when i do this and reopen it the apperance is "jumbled" again. is there a fix? It will also do it in the tool manager in the tool path tool selection area.

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