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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody. I am creating a VBS file (in the X4 version) to be able to export geometry to DXF and automatically select the entities to export, I created a .mask file to filter through and select all / only what I need and it works perfectly, but I don't know If it is possible to use that .mask file (filter) within the VBS programming and if possible I do not know the command that I have to use in the VBS programming. In the same way, in case of not being possible and having to make the selection through orders, I would like to know if it is possible to make the selection through different criteria together at the same time, such as Entities (Lines and arcs), color of the entities, levels or even the name of the level. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everybody, I’m working with X4 and creating a vbs file script. I’m wondering if it’s possible to select operations from the toolpaths and post them off using vbscript? I mean: I want to select some operations and automatically (using the vbs script) post them off (as if I were using toggle posting button). Thanks
  3. Good Afternoon All, When I import a DXF it seems to always import onto layer 7. Standard practice here is to then move the imported geometry into layer 6. I have written a little VB Script that doesn't seem to be working quite right. It imports, Toggles Layer 1 off (stuff I don't want to move on that layer), and selects all. From my digging the "Call SetEntityLevel(6)" line should move the stuff to layer 6 but it doesn't seem to be working. Also, after moving, what do I call to delete/remove layer 7? Any pointers? Thanks in advance! James Sub ImportDXF() If RingType = 2 then ShowString("Select DXF File") Runmastercamcommand "DoPattern" End if Call SetLevelVisibleByNumber(1, False) SelectAll Call SetEntityLevel(6) Call RepaintScreen(True) UnselectAllEnd Sub
  4. Good Afternoon All, First time poster here. I am trying to speed up a task that is repeated multiple times a day by using VBS. I've had some luck picking apart the examples and using what I need for some but am not finding much for Creating Ruled/Lofted Surfaces and Creating Curve at Intersection. So my usual routine is... 1) Create 8 Levels 2) Import Parasolid 3) Save as a MasterCam File 4) Rotate the View 5) Change the WCS 6) Draw a couple lines 7) Create a Ruled/Lofted Surface Between the Lines 8) Create a Curve at the intersection of the Lofted Surface from the model 9) Delete everything but the New Curve I have 1-6 knocked out but cannot seem to find much on 7-9. Can anyone help me with the last few steps? Or maybe point me in the direction of some more examples I can pick apart? Thanks! James Here is what I have for step 6 that I'd like to make a surface between... Sub CreateOutline() '//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 'Create Upper/Lower Lines For Slicing '//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Dim CLine Dim intRet Set CLine = New McLn With CLine .X1 = 10 .Y1 = -40 .Z1 = 0 .X2 = 10 .Y2 = 40 .Z2 = 0 intRet = CreateLine(CLine, mcCONSTRUCTION_COLOR_CURRENT, 1) .X1 = -15 .Y1 = -40 .Z1 = 0 .X2 = -15 .Y2 = 40 .Z2 = 0 intRet = CreateLine(CLine, mcCONSTRUCTION_COLOR_CURRENT, 1) End With Set CLine = Nothing Call RepaintScreen(True)End Sub

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