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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, I am new to Mastercam. I just started learning mastercam 4th axis from the pdf of mastercam 5axis. THe tool in 2axis, follows the 2D path perfectly. But in 4th axis, the path of tool and the tool path does not match. I am attaching few screenshots, to understand this better. ss_1 : toolpath looks good. It's in the wireframe, proper place. ss_2 Going to verify now. ss_3 Is not starting where I wanted. ss_5 is completed pocket. ss_4 the axis rotated and now the pocket is in the place. What is happening here?
  2. Which do you like using more Stock Models or .STLs what are your preferences based on. I recently have been using Stock Model on some really big optirough and optirest paths and the stock model seems to take a very long time to regenerate so I am tempted to go back to .stl files but along time ago(X4) I noticed if you moved your .stl across multiple operations it had the tendency to get artifacts or glitchy triangles that were paper thin shooting off random faces, anyway please let me know what you think about this. I had time to make this poll and post while my Stock Model was regenerating it still hasn't finished....Tips on making this process faster would also be great
  3. Hi Everyone, I have an issue where my floor looks flat in verify but in reality there is a step. I attached some pictures and Zip 2 Go. zip 2 go Verify vs Reality.ZIP
  4. Hello, I'm having issues with the Simulation Stock settings resetting randomly. I would set it to a stock model or a pmesh but randomly it resets to the default stock settings. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening and stay on the stock I've selected? Thanks, Greg
  5. Hello, Does verify and Stock Model have a remove chips button/option? I make parts that I have a endmill cut through the stock and in simulation it leaves large floating stock chunks that later tools in the program will show as a collision but in reality they fall away into the chip conveyor. Definitely not a major thing but more an annoyance when looking for collisions. TIA, Greg
  6. This enhancement in lathe 2020 looks nice but I wondered if there is a way to show jaws NOT spinning in verify (using mill toolpaths) ?
  7. Hello Friends, I recently got a new job. My old workplace had MC X6 and my new workplace has 2019. I am having trouble increasing the accuracy of the visualization in the "Verify" window. In X6, I could just go to the options and specify the tolerance I wanted. I have not been able to find a way to do that in 2019. I have noticed in 2019 that there is a "Performance-------Precision" slider which I have all the way to precision. I am trying to verify a part's surface finish toolpaths and realized that the window I was looking at was very pixelated. I have attached a picture of the simulation of a simple arc cut that turned out very pixelated. How do I increase the precision beyond what the slider can give me? Is 2019's verify less precise than X6? Many thanks!
  8. Hi, Im new at the forum, Im having a problem with Mastercam 2017 in windows 10 the problem is that I've already installed twice mastercam 2017 and when I try to verify the machining (simulate) gives me this error " C-Hook not found... C:/ Program files/mcam2017/chooks/MachSim.DLL " Anybody with the same issue that can help? Thank you
  9. Hello i am learning Mastercam using the demo on my gaming PC : i7 7700, Nvidia GTX 1080, 16 gigs of ram, ssd, windows 10, 144hz monitor Is it normal that i am getting terrible performance during verify, way worst than the PCs at work running the genuine full version? Through task manager i have noticed Master is literally using 100% of my CPU's ressources, but none or almost of my GTX 1080. Thanks in advance.
  10. 2018 Verify has the option to reference a stock model thats in the tree in the toolpath manager right?
  11. Can i still save my cut stock to an STL and then bring back into the mcam workspace?
  12. I recently changed computer and after everything got back to normal I noticed that the verify / simulator is showing very rough graphics. As seen on the printscreen the precision is set to full and the enhancement is 100% but still dos'nt get any better than this. Before it was smooth even on half precision. What went wrong?
  13. So my shop has recently bought a Mazak Integrex, so with that we purchased a lathe seat. The post/ machine def/control def are lathe and not mill. The first part I programmed was all mill work, so i was needing the verify to display as a mill stock def and not a round lathe def. I was able to select a model (looks kinda like a boomerang) as the initial stock but when i pulled it up in verify to check for collisions it was not ,it displays my part as round and not what i actually need. What can i do, if anything? Thanks in advance
  14. Any advice welcome. My customer has asked me to do a few trials so we can get backplot/verify in 2018 to match real world cycle times. We know we will not get it perfect, but close would be nice. My first issue i just spotted, backplot says 2 hours 6 minutes. Yet verify comes up with 1 hour 54 minutes. Simple question! WHY?
  15. I'm wondering how many people have found that verify, since X7 to 2017 just doesn't perform as fast or as accurately as X6. I have included a link to a Mastercam MCX-6 file, that will show anyone that's interested in comparing, what we have been experiencing on many files. I have also included a link to the completed verify in both X6 and 2017. Our settings in STL compare can be seen in the part verified links. As far as time to verify this part goes, X6 verified in 12 seconds and compared in 1 second whereas 2017 verified in 2 minutes and 16 seconds and compared in 16 seconds with inferior results. We have been in contact with our re-seller many times but they have not been able to give us a satisfying answer to this point. Our re-seller tells us that CNC software is working on it. It's been 4 years already, so I hope that they're nearly done. (MCX-6 file) https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2poftm3n0v1pnh/TEST.MCX-6?dl=0 (Screen Shot of part verified in X6) https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k22xjxjxm4bxla/TEST_X6_RESULT.odt?dl=0 (Screen Shot of part verified in 2017) https://www.dropbox.com/s/frmf9iwab6zm1yi/TEST_2017_RESULT.odt?dl=0
  16. Hi, i turn on "Quick verify" in Bacplot menu(red arrow in scr. shoot), and then the part is rotated about the x axis during backplot, let's try it . Best Regards. Algirdas ekscentrikas 44126 00014.mcx-8
  17. Verify started displaying ball mills, bull mills, as sharp pointed tools with faceted surfaces; see attached pictures. The work piece suffers from faceting also. I did nothing to provoke this. I simply showed up to work last Thursday, went to verify a part, and got this. I have been dealing with it ever since then. Any Ideas on why this is happening?
  18. Started using the latest X9 beta. First thing I noticed was that the classic backplot, "backplot selected operations", now opens a new window that is integrated into the mastercam simulator. Has anyone else noticed this? I find it cumbersome to simply check tool path geometry on the fly. Wish there was a way to enable the classic backplot option so that a new window doesn't have to be opened every time I want to quickly view my tool paths.
  19. I am having an issue wit X7 verify. on some parts I save my stock from running the verify so I can use it on my next operation to verify. I have had no issues until just a few weeks ago and now every time I try and use the exported stl stock file it tells me one or more issues has occurred. any ideas?
  20. When I run verify if it makes it to the end of all cuts when I try to save the stock file to stl. it completely crashes MC. It does this almost every time. What could be causing this? Memory is 8gb. Windows 7 64bit install. Thanks for any suggestions.
  21. Just installed X7 MU1 this morning. Is anyone having issues such as gouging parts in verify? I have tried it now on a few parts and it mostly respects the part, but seems to gouge or completely remove some details. Not exactly sure what's going on here. I have had no problems with this tool path before the update to MU1.
  22. Does X7 verify shows threads cut on a lathe correctly? I see concentric rings. Bigger question. Can I cut a helical groove path on a 2 axis lathe with a groove tool? Feed rate would be crazy. The tool has to have a lot of lead clearance. I'm trying a thread path with a groove tool. Its close but verify doesnt show it correctly. I know the math for drawing true threads is is HUGE. I can make a form tool for the shape I need. Im just trying different ideas. You have to think outside the box to get this one to work. Think of a collied hose for a airgun.I need that shape for 9" or so. Without a form tool, I dont know if I can cut the profile with a groove tool. The start , stop points have to be on the money. Any Ideas I'm not seeing? Machineguy The material is clear plastic rod, 1.250 dia.

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