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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post here. My work has recently bought a twin ram VTL & we have been playing round with how best to generate the programs for it. I have been drawing everything in the bottom right quadrant & have been using the multi axis VTL machine type. I have been selecting left turret/right turret in the tool path parameter screen but I cannot get master cam to output two separate programs (one for each turret). Am I missing something basic as I am sure I had this working when I was playing round with it few weeks back. Any help will be appreciated Ryan
  2. I am needing help with our new VTL. I am hoping there is someone who is familiar with this type of machine and Mastercam. I am a believer in what you see is what you get. My hope is that Mastercam can do this for Vertical turning with a Live Tools. I have great success with Mastercam turning and milling but am struggling with getting this going in a rapid manner. I am using a post supplied by In-House solutions and I hope I can get help after hours and on the weekend here. Typically I figure most of this stuff out myself but I am losing valuable machine time that I need running. Thanks in advance, Sam Machine Control Features: ° Sinumerik operator panel front OP 012, with membrane keys ° Sinumerik PCU 50.3C 1.5 GHZ, 512 MB RAM; 24 V DC; Windows XP PRO ° (PCU 50 includes hard drive, USB ports for data transfer and backup, Ethernet.) ° Sinumerik HMI advanced software for PCU ° MCP 483C, machine control panel, w. big EMG ° Sinumerik 840D/DE NCU 572.5 (Memory: NC 3 MB, PLC 128 KB) ° Programming cycles for milling and turning ° Alarm messages with description of action. ° Transmit Function for pocket milling with C-axis. ° Mini hand held unit for Sinumerik with coiled cable 3.5 M Machine Specifications: ° Maximum Turning Diameter and Swing 82.6” ° Chuck Diameter 63” ° Maximum Turning Height 63” ° Twenty four-position ATC ° Maximum Table Load 44,000 lbs ° Maximum Table Speed 450 RPM ° Power 80.0 HP ° Torque 22,125 lb ft ° Ram Size 10”x10” ° Maximum Cutting Force 11,240 lbs ° Number of Fixed Cross-rail Positions 6 ° Cross-rail Fixed Position Pitch 7.87” ° Cross-rail Travel 49.2” ° X-axis / Z-axis Rapid Traverse 472 ipm ° X-axis / Z-axis Maximum Feed Rate 197 ipm ° Cross-rail Rapid Traverse 15.7 ipm ° Linear Axis’ Positioning Accuracy 0.0004”/40” ° Linear Axis’ Repeatability 0.0002” ° Voltage 480 volts ° Power, max 180kVA
  3. I have been asked to research manufactures of VTLs. So far I have narrowed my search down (according to budget as well) to Doosan V550M and Hyundai Wia LV800RM. It seems like these machines are nearly identical in construction and capabilities. The Hyundai has the Fanuc 32Tia control. And the Doosan is the Oi-TD. Really about the only main difference I can find. I'm looking for some feed back from both Doosan and Hyundai users. I want to know any problems, complaints, or anything you think I should know before considering the purchase. The good the bad and ugly. All input is greatly appreciated.

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