Good evening fellow forum members. I need some advice with a vbscript that post my operations to three different machines. Please see trodes_post.vbs on the ftp site in the vb_scripts folder. I altered this VBscript from Connormac's original. (Thank you Connormac!!! )   Currently, when I use the VBscript to post, it only posts in part of the Mastercam's filename. NOT the entire filename as I wish. For example, my current part is located in the following folder: C:9999mfgetset3a   I want to post the programs in the following folder structure: E:9999mfgetset3aBOSTOMATIC E:9999mfgetset3aOKK E:9999mfgetset3aMAZAK TRODE   But, as the VBscript is currently written, it posts to the following folders: E:9999mfgBOSTOMATIC E:9999mfgOKK E:9999mfgMAZAK TRODE   I know absolutely NOTHING about VBscript and I've been messing with this on and off for the last couple weeks with no success. Any help will certainly appreciated. Thank you!!!