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  • eMastercam Forum Rules & Guidelines
    Welcome to eMastercam.com


    • This forum is intended for licensed Mastercam users, instructors and students of Mastercam. Additionally, IT professionals who administer Mastercam within their networks may find its content useful.
    • Please register as a member of the forum by clicking “Register Now” on the home page or upper right corner of any community page. Alternatively, you can use an existing Facebook or Twitter account to log in.
    • We encourage participation within the forum – please post your Mastercam questions, comments and points of discussion in the appropriate forum but please read these guidelines carefully before posting!
    • Adding emastercam.com to your email whitelist / allowed senders will ensure any notifications of private messages, store notifications upon purchase and messages from Admin reach you rather than your spam folder.
    • These guidelines were written for you. Following them will allow us to help you quickly and efficiently; ignoring them will lead to less helpful replies or no help at all.As mentioned, this forum is intended for licensed Mastercam users in good standing. You may be asked at any time to supply us with your SIM#. Use of the forum is a privilege, not a right.


  • Guidelines:

    • Use the search feature. Chances are your question might have already been answered. If you cannot find your answer using the search feature, ask away.
    • This is a Mastercam community where members help members. You are encouraged to participate and answer questions when you can.
    • This should go without saying; let’s behave like respectful adults. If what you want to say would get a disapproving looking from your grandmother, it does not belong on this board. Tolling doesn’t help anyone.
    • While you can upload smaller files as attachments on the forum, larger files are best shared on an FTP site or through a sending service such as www.wetransfer.com. If you have the ability to place files on an anonymous FTP site, do so and place a link to the file in your message.  Jayson ‘cadcam’ Kramer has allowed access to his own FTP site.
    • Post a ‘thank you’ when your problem is resolved. Other members may waste time offering assistance when you have already moved on.
    • If you have downloaded a free file or paid file from the Downloads section, please take a moment to give a star rating and/or write a quick review.
    • Forgot your password? Use the “I’ve lost my password” link when trying to log in. Be sure to add emastercam.com to your email client’s safe sender / whitelist and check your spam folder to ensure a successful reset.
    • Using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is the equivalent of yelling on the internet. Please avoid it on the forum.
    • You can use Google Translate to translate forum posts into different languages.
  • Rules:

    • No Mastercam technical support questions sent via email to any @eMastercam.com address or through support tickets will be answered. If you are having issues with Mastercam, please ask your question in the appropriate forum and/or contact your reseller or CNC Software’s Technical Support Department. If you are having issues with any of the Mastercam Training Solutions (including eBooks) purchased through the store, please create a support ticket in your Client Area.
    • Use of profanity including acronyms involving profanity will not be tolerated.
    • Discussion of political/religious and other controversial topics in the forum is strongly discouraged – – even in the Off Topic forum. If it’s “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) it has no place on eMastercam. Racist and pornographic content will not be tolerated. Keep it clean, well mannered and respect each other.
    • Spam on the forums will not be tolerated. Self-promotion or blatant promotion of competing brands, sites etc. is not permitted on this forum. If you have a legitimate product you wish to promote, submit a request to the advertising department to review.
    • Issues with your reseller should be resolved directly with your reseller and/or CNC Software. Airing out your issues using the forum will not be tolerated.
    • CNC Software discourages any discussion of pricing over the Internet, and we will respect their wishes on this forum.  Around the globe product prices may fluctuate for various reasons including but not limited to economic conditions, varying service structures, international translation costs, and distribution costs.
    • eMastercam.com is not the place to ask for a post processor. If you need post work done, please see this wiki entry.
    • Users are permitted to have one account. If you have more than one account (say you set up a login with your facebook account and accidentally create a new account rather than connect to your current,) send a PM to Webby to have your accounts merged. Otherwise, excess accounts will be pruned.
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