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  2. Joe, A Tip/Trick to be aware of: Don't just "left-click and drag" or right-click, copy/paste from the menu. There is a better way. Take the Operation (s) you want to move, and select them. (Green check, hold CTRL + click) With the Operation(s) selected, right-click and hold down the right mouse button. Drag the Ops, while holding the button down continuously. Drag the Ops to the Operation at the top of the list (or any other Op location), and release the mouse button. When you do this, you'll get a pop-up menu with Copy or Paste, either before or after the Op you are dropping it on. Also, there is a "cancel" option. This method is far more reliable, and I love having the cancel option. If your mouse hand slips while dragging, you can cancel and try again.
  3. Tool wear will comp the tool globally, as to where the Adjustment will comp the tool for each specific base position. According to Okuma in the attached PDF you can use the adjust section for off-center turning tooling. But from where I have found it most useful is worn or beaten machines. Typically with a new machine you shouldn't need to use the adjustment. As the machine wears and accidents happen the alignment and center of rotation suffers. This is why these added values are critical for machining tight tolerance parts successfully. I hope this help clarify, please let me know if you have any more questions. 5- Center Height Offset Function.pdf
  4. I am actually going to use this to create a negative of it on the OD of a 11" diameter round part using Boolean remove. Then I have to figure out how to machine it on a 4 axis machine.
  5. Going to need it break it up. Sweep one side from 10mm to the 62 mm then make the other side the 62mm down to 10mm. I think trying to go from small to big and then back down to small is asking too much of Mastercam. Got a sample of what you are trying to accomplish?
  6. What I have found is breaking up features that are not connected into individual HST operations. Trick sometimes is getting the right depth of cut to the features. May has as much as 256% step down with 5% to 7% step over. Then sometimes might reduce to 125% step down. Trial and error sometimes finding the right mix to get what you need.
  7. Yes sir, also hitting the red X on HST toolpaths making them dirty when nothing has changed.
  8. I would make sure any virus scanner was turned off during installation... If that was the case, was a config migrated or copied in? if so, delete, and start MCAM let it create a fresh one.. I've seen many issues over the years with config files....that's the easy start Also, make sure the latest video driver is installed, not the driver that ships with the computer
  9. One of our programmers is having great trouble with 2017. He runs a HP workstation with a Xeon and quadro. Verify is very slow, Mcam freezes. 2017 was reinstalled and now the Catia translator is not working. Tomorrow I will get all the specs and comeback. Anyone seen these problems. He says this all started with upgrading from X9 to 2017. He has called Mcam, our IT guy has had a try. No help. I work a different shift and now I am going to see what I can come up with. I am somewhat computer literate. I have built pc's from components and done many software installs and such. As a benchmark I run several instances of Mcam and a Solid on a 4 year old Thinkpad mobile station with no problems. I think he is having a software problem; maybe something other than Mcam but still vital to it. Thanks, Steve A
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  11. ramp.....
  12. If you're talking toolbars and such, copy the .workspace file but config settings you really, really, should go through and set them...for mosr people the amount of config changes is 5 minutes and done. No, copying config files has not been a good practice since the release of Mastercam X in 2005
  13. I would draw an offset smaller than the dia of the tool minus the shank/2 and drive that chain with tool down.
  14. I always find something wrong with data I have entered in one of the fields when I get that message.
  15. Adjust the step down and step up so it will hit those depths. Make sure your step up distance is such to hit the levels your step down doesn't get. Little bit of math involved...include stock in step down number. And if that doesn't work, build some offset surfs and don't use stock....
  16. you sweep it..
  17. How would one create a "variable" torus? Not sure if that is the right word for it... what I need is a torus that is on one side a diameter of 10mm and then increases in diameter to 62mm on the other side, and then decreases back down again to become the 10mm on the first side. Tried to create a solid using sweeping and lofting but couldn't come up with the right result. Anyone know how to do this?
  18. That works great (for sorting by tool number) thanks for your help!
  19. Also a great tool I used along time ago for electrodes was the moldplus add-on with electrode maker:
  20. so when changing versions - how do i reset my preferences which are saved in config - is this just a no for x9- 2017 ?
  21. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never, never, never copy a config file...even computer to computer of the same version can be problematic Unless you want to have to delete it and start fresh anyway
  22. Can I copy my config file from x9 and put it into 2017 ?
  23. Daniel, 2 years and they're gone? What do you mean by that? The product life is only about two years? One thing Moxa isn't known for, is their strength. At my last employer, we lost three Nport servers with blown power supplies, due to a couple of power flickers. We're beginning to think that wired is probably just that little bit more stable
  24. Tested with some 4340 had laying around. Sure left a crappy finish. :-( Done in 1 op
  25. Keep it simple! I'm think about the simplest ways to do things. I've only been programming for a little over a year now, but I've been trying to develop good programming habits and one of them is keeping it as simple as possible. It's usually quicker and less of a chance for things to go wrong.
  26. I have mine docked at the top of my graphics window, below my collapsed ribbon bar. Very handy.
  27. Also worth noting for anyone who is missing the MRU toolbar. You can dock it or have it floating just like the windows for toolpath / levels / planes. Go to View > Recent functions and dock it anywhere you like. I prefer it docked to the left side of my planes / level managers.
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