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  2. new disk , new install, nothing but windows and 2019 . At last all is fine Gracjan
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  4. The best setups I've seen use Air Knifes, placed as you would "chip wash down" sprayers. This was on a system cutting Ti, that was using Liquid Nitrogen - Thru Spindle. It was on a Mill-Turn machine, VTL-style. They chose the Liquid Nitrogen because it leaves zero residue on the parts, and allows almost double the SFM compared to flood coolant at 12%. In addition, when turning on this machine, with LN directed at the turning insert tip, the chip control is fantastic. Even in materials that tend to be stringy, with poor chip breaking control (rat's nest), the combination of high heat generated in the cutting zone (800-1000 SFM in 6AL-4V), and the rapid transition to far below freezing, gives you chips that break quickly and consistently. So the secret to running without coolant is using compressed air to push the chips into the chip trough. For anyone considering LN, just remember that you should run a ducted fan to the outside of the building to vent the machine's enclosure. Also, it is wise to let the system stop pumping LN for a couple minutes before you enter the workspace. The nitrogen is already 78% of the air you breath, so it is harmless, unless it happens to displace the 21% of atmospheric oxygen, which could technically make you pass out and kill you. But with the proper care, it is a much better system than using liquid coolant.
  5. Advanced rotary Tool path

    David, 2019 is in Public Beta. Meaning you are free to download and run it. No special license needed.

    Hello, I finally found the solution to my problem because it was just necessary to modify in the post of the machine the zero position. and in my linking parameter remove the retract option and keep the flat feed to 1 in absolute of course. thank you very much for your contribution to the solution found
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  8. Advanced rotary Tool path

    Material is P20 Hardened to 55Rc I need to cut the thread into the core (Green surfaces). I need to cut the green surfaces and I can not touch the red surfaces. I want to rough it with a 1.5mm Ballnose then I need to go down to a 0.6mm Ballnoe Any guidance on how to tool path this job would be greatly appreciated. It will be cut on a HAAS UMC 750 SS Cheers
  9. Advanced rotary Tool path

    David, I would swarf the walls and then Morph Between 2 Curves for the Top Radius.
  10. Advanced rotary Tool path

    So as mentioned above 2018 will not generate my toolpath but 2019 will. Well Im stuck then hey?
  11. Advanced rotary Tool path

    It is in Beta 2019.
  12. Advanced rotary Tool path

    I have MC Maintenance I didn't know 2019 was out? Im currently running 2018 I went to my linked account at there is no 2019 to download???
  13. Comment location in .nci

    No, you cannot change the location of the NCI Data records. What you see, is what you get. That is why the MP Language was created, to deal with all these "funky" formatting issues. You can easily control where the comments come out in a "MP-Based" Post.
  14. Changing of Machine in 2019 takes over a minute.

    I saw this mentioned on the Mastercam Forum. I have not seen except when we had the winows 10 1709 issues were everything was slow. I have no issue sense updating. Sorry you are still having this issue wish I could be more help.
  15. Why doesn't he like where it's located. As an end-user don't we only care about the NC file I would consider trying to alter the format of the NCI file a hoop to jump through no?
  16. What Robot are you going with? I see there is software out there for Robots as well have been curious how well they work, seem to be in the early stages....
  17. Offset tombstones

    You can try Ted Hoyt out. His company is now part of Jergens. Link
  18. 3D Contour Angle

    Brian, no problem glad to help. In my example I made a full Radius. I am not sure your file had a full radius across the top so you will need to make sure per part it does do exactly what you need.
  19. Offset tombstones

    Tombstone City will probably be your best bet. I know for a fact they will put a rush on modifying a standard. Check them out.
  20. I sure hope not, its bad enough already. And, no, fixing up a MasterCam post that would work just fine without jumping through all sorts of hoops is not an option. My boss has mandated this 3rd party post.
  21. 3D Contour Angle

    I had already got job running but I downloaded and tried it. Works like a charm for this application. Can even drive across the top if so desired. Got to remember this one. Thanks
  22. Offset tombstones

    Stevens makes them too...but I can't wait for it to be built (6 weeks)
  23. Offset tombstones

    Ahause is the only one I know for customs like that. Tombstone City for "stock" items. Been 5 years for me on either.
  24. 3D Contour Angle

    Totally agree, about a 40 second toolpath either way whether geo or solid. Literally the same exact path and output. I personally prefer geo over solids but I am slowly getting back to solids in Mastercam. X8 burnt me too much with solids and I haven't fully rebuilt the trust.
  25. Is making the alteration in a mastercam post, posting out to .nc and reverse posting it back into .nci format an option? I have never tried it but if you have the correct g-code format it should generate back into the desired nci format from my understanding.
  26. Or I suppose, alternatively, can I get a tool change into the .nci file without any motion? Then I could move the comment operation after the tool change operation.
  27. We usually custom build those, but don't have much time this time. Is there a supplier for those? The face of the tombstone (1 sided angle plate) needs to be offset from c/r by a negative number. 1-2 inches+ TIA!
  28. Yeah, I can change things around in a MasterCam post processor. This guy is trying to read a .nci file and post it with a CIM pro processor and he needs the "commands" in a different place. Apparently.
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