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  2. Inventor HSM is a good program and so is Mastercam. Price is just one part of evaluating a software. How easy is it to get help? How easy is it to get a custom post processor? AutoDesk did themselves a huge favour by giving free software to all schools and students. Every student that graduates will have some AutoDesk experience. They also purchased some great software companies as well such as PowerMill. I think everyone should evaluate their software periodically to see if it still fits their needs.
  3. They are not even the same thing or allow the programmer to do the same work. They offer other AutoCad products to real 5 Axis programming. It is just a sales tactic to bait the hook. Fusion is real neat stuff, but for CAD for machining you only got simple easy stuff good to go just because they have a post doesn't mean it makes good toolpaths.
  4. I thing you thought about fusion 360 .This software not working this way ,or ?????
  5. As pointed out, correctly I might add.... If your Maintenance expires with Mastercam, you can still run all products up to your expiration date.. With Autodesk, don't pay, you can't access your files.
  6. One thing is you now lease the seat with Autocad products. Don't pay maintenance seat goes away. You will burn through your MC seat cost in a few years, maybe less actually.....
  7. Or you can just play with the current rotary value of your work offsets via program... Something like (Pseudo code) #50006 - > Internal control variable holding current C axis value of G54 offset G54 #1000=#50006 ;Backup original C value on work offset table on variable 1000 Your toolpath here... #50006=#50006+90 ;Increment G54 C current value by 90 degrees G54 ;Re-read G54 offsets Repeat your toolpath... #50006=#50006+90 ;Increment G54 C value by 90 degrees again G54 ;Re-read G54 offsets Repeat your toolpath... #50006=#1000 ;Restore your original C value on G54 Blablabla... You can use conditional logic to improve my pseudo code written on a cellphone while a take a xxxx...
  8. While asking the question is certainly allowed....pricing discussion is not....
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  10. Hello all mastercam users and masters !!!Two years ago pass away our (**old school engineer 2d print only***).Now owner hired new persons .They are very smart guys ,all sample part what I have too machining I got with step format ,which is lees work for me .Lest month day purchase new Inventor Professional HSE. The guy show me what hi can do on this software ,modeling ,stres material analysis ,forming ,modelin3d 2d drawing ...........and ..........CAM SYSTEM .First thing I thought the will be only simple 2d contour option.But when I start play more I open postprocesing and machining page and ......I was shock!!! 6 type of Haas machines from 3 axis to 5 axis !!!!! the was probably over 40 type of machines .I as him haw much they spend for this software .My office pay xxxxx$ for one seat.Now I waiting when my Boss ask mi WHY WE PAY xxxxx$ FOR ONLY LEVEL 3 mastercam ,when we CAN get everything 3-5 axis for xxxxxx$. My question is where is the trick ?????The mastercam is so expensive or other one so cheap?????? thanks
  11. Did you have to move holders around to allow for that to work or was there enough room to not hit like you originally said it would? Thanks for the update.
  12. I agree 100% with Ron on this. 32 Gb is almost a minimum now. I struggle with only having 24 Gb of RAM in my laptop on some files. If you can afford it, go either 64 Gb or 128 Gb for stronger performance.
  13. Sweet......
  14. Honestly I would consider that system a bare minimum to run Mastercam. 2018 uses more resources than 2017 I have seen, but I would think atleast a P2000 card and 32gb of RAM would help greatly.
  15. I've ran a program 4" away from the part just to see the behavior. It actually did what simulated in mastercam, much to my surprise. We went with it with zero issues so I guess thats a plus... for now. Will continue to keep an eye on that.
  16. So... sup all, PC Specs: Win 7 enterprise Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.6GHz 16.0GB System Ram Nvidia Quadro K620 4.0GHz ram 1.0TB HDD So, Macam2018 has been crashing near the end of the day as a result from slowing down excessively. At one point, a simple reboot of the PC fixes the performance issue, but everything slows down within 2 hours of use. This includes trying to send things to the printer, loading tools / tool libraries, loading parts and pressing various buttons in the tool paths as well as backplot. I have a lot of things on the network, but that shouldn't affect performance due to a simple reboot... I'm just stumped as to where the root issue is on this. Prior to this post, I ran defrag, not sure if it will help or not. 2017 loads faster than 2018 I'm not the only programmer i'm having issues with mastercam's performance. The other programmer has the exact same setup as i do, hardware wise. So.... any ideas? Would my reseller be of any help? -JD
  17. I'd think anything designed for aluminum should work well. Sharp, high-shear edges.
  18. The fine print says Big Kaiser or KennaMetal....
  19. Thanks David, but to be more clear, I'm trying to measure radii and not a complete bore. PMOD7 will attempt to probe 4 points of a bore.
  20. I've got a bunch of Maritool holders. Good stuff, good prices, made in the USA.
  21. (Tool 60 is my Probe IF [VTLCN EQ 60] NSKIP T60 M6 NSKIP CALL OO18 G15 H1 G0 X0 Y0 G56 H60 Z-.3 (PMOD=6 OUTSIDE) (PMOD=7 INSIDE) CALL OO10 PMOD=7 PDI=.5 Z2 CALL OO19 M02
  22. MariTool is a quality product in my experience. I really like them. I even have a MariTool tram bar.
  23. Check with your machine seller before you jump. Mori - Seki for instance only allow Big Kaiser, else you void your warranty......
  24. I can't answer that question but i can tell you there are alot of fanbois over at Alot of people seem to like them. Pricing is pretty good too. I'm probably gonna order a few BT30-ER20/ER16/ER11 chucks for a project, i will report back when i get the tools in.
  25. We are tooling our new machine and I had the KennaMetal sales guy come in and push their dual contact Cat 40 holders. Does anybody know how MariTool would compare to KennaMetal holders? Thanks
  26. Thanks for the info YoDoug! I may give that a try if I can't find a more simple solution since I'm somewhat of a newbe when it comes to Okumas and part probing in the machine. I wanted to use Okuma language if possible. I know there is a 3 point bore gauging function but I can't find the PMOD and related variables in the manual I have.
  27. Thank you for the answers.
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