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  2. extruding problems on tutorital 4

    Have you looked at from an ISO view or a different view? If you extrude up and don't change your view and it not shaded like you have it not shaded them yes it will appear you are doing nothing, but you really are just need to change your perspective.
  3. Home Learning Edition ?

    No you cannot
  4. Home Learning Edition ?

    Quick question, I see it says that I cannot post with the Home learning edition. But can I take a file from the same version of Mastercam (say what I'm using at work) and use the file at home? Or can you not go back and forth like that.
  5. Is there Ramsaver for 2018?

    That and files over 200mb.
  6. When I select the chain to extrude all I get is a circle, it doesn't gray out like the tutorial. I tried to go back and start over but I get the same resultd
  7. Yesterday
  8. Running a VBScript from .net

    Yes sometimes it is single and sometimes it is chains. The model is imported with edge curves but I need to move the selected to a specific level and convert them from splines to actual curves.
  9. Karl, to be clear, are you looking to select chains? Edge curves are created.
  10. Tool List with File Name

    Hello Friends, I am editing my tool list template using ActiveReports Designer and I am running into a problem. I want to have my MCX file name in the report so that operators can see the part number and the revision level (which we put in our file name). I made a text box and input "MCXFILE-SHORT" in the DataField, but it just gives me a blank box when i create the report. I'm not sure what the problem is. Can you not put the MCX filename in a Tool List report? One thing I have noticed is that under "fields" my "bound" field says "bound error: could not find a part of the path "C:\Windows\SST\Samples\Mill\SSM.xml". Woudl this be causeing my error? If so, how do I fix it? Many thanks in advance tool list sample.pdf
  11. 2018 Won't Update

    I think I did that but it was longer ago than yesterday so I don't remember. I will try a clean install as it now is becoming an issue with trying to open newer Solid models from engineering. Before this is was just a curiosity. Now its a PITA. Thanks
  12. 2018 Won't Update

    I think this might have something to do with your having used the Beta program. if I remember correctly, you needed to uninstall the Beta package and also clear the registry of all of the Mastercam installs and then load the new version which is on the download page from CNC Software. Then it will install the "clean" version and then it will recognize that it requires updates. I believe there have been three updates so far. LeoC
  13. This one just bit me yesterday. Wasn't until I had rebuilt the chain that I noticed the advanced tab.
  14. Thin walls getting turned on in Extrude solid for no reason?

    If any of you have access to the Tech Previews of MC 2019, you will see that if you are in Extrude and an open chain is selected while 'thinwall' is un-checked, that option will now only be checked 'on' temporarily.
  15. G68.2 program sample?

    On the response with the screenshots, the top screenshot is the program position X3.0 Y0 and Z15.77254 when the program is started. This is the X and Y pos. relative to the program coordinate system origin and the center of rotation, since they are the same pt. The program next calls the rotation of B-90. and C0. before the G68.2. The next screenshot is after the G68.2 is read. The position screen values change, but the machine doesn't physically move. The next screen shows after reading the G53.1. The position screen changes again, but the machine doesn't physically move. The last screen shows the G54.1 P20 position on the lower right (G54.1 P19 on the lower middle) and the ABSOLUTE pos. display after the G53.1 is read. I don't know if the coordinate system values can help to figure out the position shifts.
  16. Is there Ramsaver for 2018?

    I use this for Mill-Turn quite often. As soon as things start to slow down or get a little glitchy, I run the repair file utility. It's quicker than closing the program and reopening, and seems to have the same effect.
  17. They have their own YouTube channel that usually they keep up to date with the "What's New" videos and some "tips and tricks" videos. I've found some of them to be pretty helpful.
  18. Is there Ramsaver for 2018?

    Does anyone really use this any more??? If you do, what are you using it for?
  19. G68.2 program sample?

    Okay have you tried using the home position to set the coordinates? What is happening when you are trying to run this on the machine? What is the behavior? Maybe I missed it, but I want back and so far I have not read where what you did and how you did what you did has not worked. You keep putting up examples of screen shots, but where is the tool exactly when you are trying to do this in relation to the part you are trying to machine. Everything can be explained if we have the details to know what you are seeing. All the information you have given is only about 25% of the answers needed to completely solve this problem. I spent 8 months helping a Customer, Fanuc and an OEM get a machine problem sorted with regards to G68.2. Once we did all was good, but between being able to get answers and get on the machine it took that amount of time. It took me going in and being in front of the machine calling and emailing many different people before the problem was solved.
  20. G68.2 program sample?

    The machine is a small table Fanuc Robodrill vertical mill, with a B axis tilt (about the Y axis) and a C axis rotate (about the Z axis when the B is at 0 deg) trunnion style table. The rotary table is mounted on the left end of the machine table. My G54.1 P20 coordinate system is currently at the center of rotation of the B and C axis from the machine home position (X0 at left, Y0 at back and Z0 at top). The view perspective is from the spindle down to the table is Z minus dir., X+ toward the right and Y+ toward the back. The B tilting axis is limited to +17 degrees (X- dir.) and -107 degrees (X+ dir.) while the C rotary axis has no limit (+/-360 degree rotations). I hope this helps.
  21. You can use "select all advanced" to select every arc or circle that is the same diameter or radius.
  22. thanks, exactly what I was looking for.
  23. Hit Alt-C and look for ArcMultiEdit.dll
  24. Within wireframe I have 37 circles set at a diameter of .750. I would like to change the size of all .750 circles to a different size. Is it possible in Mastercam to link the size of one circle to another? I am finding myself having to change the size of each circle entity separate from one another.
  25. I think that worked. My next post for our fadals will be made by in-house, I have the quote already. thank you very much, I will update on how everything works.
  26. Point on circle center

    How many people want to see center points on as a default? I know people that love that, but for me it is just clutter on the screen.
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