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  2. Post for Mori NT

    Vericut would be the holy grail of simulation, since it is running the real code. I think an in-house or Postability Post, and Vericut would be the best combination.
  3. Post for Mori NT

    I've got no exprience with MT, but a post from in-house or postability will be encrypted also
  4. Post for Mori NT

    We looked at mt and I would feel more comfortable with a regular post and run Vericut which we already have. Having the ability to modify the post on the standard side seems like a big deal. Not so locked in I guess. Thoughts?
  5. Post for Mori NT

    Look at MT.....I think you'll find the $$$ comparable especially whenn you factor in the simulation ability
  6. Yesterday
  7. 10030 is the parameter number for feeerate. Works nicely. Now that I learned out to do this I can customize it even more so. Thanks Colin, with 1 "L"! Steve Austin
  8. Any Siemens 828D Gurus ?

    Thanks Daniel, lots of good info in that document JLW, we are programming with the included conversational software at the machine, so not much macro knowledge on this control. Newbee, we have a tech coming soon from Siemens, I will ask him what is known about it. Hand changing tools on a cnc lathe is kinda weird, but it does allow some long boring bars to be used and then removed to be out of the way.
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to make the work offset to appear at the "no tool change section". I think somehow the PWCS does need something to triggered the WORK OFFSET. I also tried "*G_WCS" and it worked but the operation work offset is pushed to G56 instead of G55. I would like to use the PWCS instead of *G_WCS ... Please see codes below and thank you, have a great holiday. ===== Defined as... ===== ptlchg_com #Tool change common blocks if not(index), # WORK OFFSET HERE SECOND B HERE pbld, no_spc$, [if prv_sgabsinc, *sgabsinc], pwcs, e$ # ptlchg0$ #Call from NCI null tool change (tool number repeats) pbld, no_spc$, *sg00, *sg90, pwcs, "Z5.(PROGRAM JUMPS HERE)", e$ # Not show WORK OFFSET HERE..., would like 2nd offset shows here ============ G-Code ======== % O1000(T.NC) (*) N1( 3.0000, 3" SHM 90DEG EXL, CB, FINISHER,) (3FLTS .750LOC, 13.00STO) G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0 M19 /G28 Y0.(TOOLPATH LENGTH= .06 MIN.) M8 T1 M6(2D - CONTOUR, CUT#1) G90 G54 S3000 M3 =========================> G54, it's good (pwcs) X-9.301 Y-2.6442 G43 H1 Z1. (DOC= Z0.) Z.0625 G1 Z0. F6.36 (*****) G1 X3.2796 Y-5.9577 G0 Z1. (*) N102(2D - CONTOUR, CUT#2) G0 G90 Z5.(PROGRAM JUMPS HERE) =========================> G54, should appear here.... (pwcs), G0 G90 G54 Z5.(PROGRAM JUMPS HERE) X-9.301 Y-2.6442 S2000 M3(10X ROUGH MULTI-PASSES, .5 EACH) G43 H1 Z1.(DOC= Z0.) Z.0625 G1 Z0. F50. (*****) G1 X3.2796 Y-5.9577 G0 Z1. (*) N103(2D - CONTOUR, CUT#3) G0 G90 G55 Z5.(PROGRAM JUMPS HERE) =========================> G54, it's good (pwcs) X-9.301 Y-2.6442(10X ROUGH MULTI-PASSES, .5 EACH) G43 H1 Z1.(DOC= Z0.) Z.0625 G1 Z0. F50. (*****) G1 X3.2796 Y-5.9577 G0 Z1. M9 G91 G28 Z0. M5 G28 Y0. M5 M30 % (6,203CHARS - 6.22KB)
  10. Post for Mori NT

    Yes Postability or In-House have good posts. Still wish one would get the sync codes dialed down to user input vaules and tracked without the automatic process if you have a lower turret you will need. The do a good job, but amazes me that I was able to develop something almost 11 years ago that I have still not seen anyone do with Mastercam. Really conflicts me to talk about it, but you can pinch turn with Lathe/Mill and dial down your sync codes to the line using the process I developed. I am the crazy person so I will just kept on my path of just doing what I can when I can. All the best and soon I will revisit this syncing method since it looks like it will come full circle soon. If I do get what I want the way I want it it will be shared to help all who need it.
  11. Post for Mori NT

    Postability In-House Solutions
  12. Post for Mori NT

    Anyone have experience programming a Mori NT without Mill turn? Who is the best to get the post from?
  13. Last week
  14. Stuper New Question

    sounds like a plan, I have dxf downloaded ....... thanks again.
  15. Stuper New Question

    For 2018 No unless you want to make the silhouette boundaries of it. Use the DXF and save yourself some work. For 2019 Yes.
  16. Stuper New Question

    Ron, Does it help there is a 3D model of the tool?
  17. Stuper New Question

    Thanks Ron, will give this a go .......
  18. help please

    These toolpaths were never really meant to do undercuts IMHO. They are still excellent toolpaths and gets the job done, but I have had to do like John suggested before on undercuts. Nature of the beast so to speak.
  19. Stuper New Question

    Take a tool close and then use the lathe library to save tool to level. Then download the DXF from the ISCAR website. Then move to the correct position like the tool you used from the library. Then use the level to define the tool. Now go through the steps of defining you tool and you should be good to go.
  20. help please

    Thanks ron but we dont have multi axis,Just wondering you taught me about the direction feature how come i cant get the exit part
  21. Annoying Ribbon Bar

    That doesn't seem to have any effect.
  22. help please

    Morph between 2 curves if you have the Multiaxis ability. Tell it in axis control 3 Axis. I used the Extend/Trim on the Cut pattern Page. I then extended the start and exit .02 to have it come off and on the edges .02. I also used Orthogonal entry and exit on the linking and changed it on the default lead-in/out. Here is the link for the file from dropbox.
  23. Drilling syntax for a Fagor 8065

    I ran through one of our Fagor 8065 posts and get G98 G83 Zn In Jn style pecking with all the calcs, so I'll reach out in a PM to see if we can have a look at what's up with your specific post.
  24. Annoying Ribbon Bar

    Try this: 1. Close mastercam 2 . Go to start menu 3. Go to the Mastercam folder 4. Click the Advanced Configuration utility (inside utilities folder for win7) 5. Click reset 6. Change Dialog Positions from Do not reset to Reset. 7. start mastercam
  25. help please

    Thanks jp i,m at home now i will check it out tmo when i get to work.I was trying to use the direction feature but couldnt quite get the exit part
  26. Stuper New Question

    So playing with Lathe and on my way to something good I think :head scratch: , I have some tool library questions ... Way different than milling I see. I have some internal profiles almost bowl or cone shaped and got some new tooling ..... BUT no idea whats next - I am not sure where to start the process of designing these bars, how to put them in the library as they must not be standard library Iscar tooling. Bar #s A20R SVJCR - 11 A16R SVJCR - 11 INSERT # VCGT-221-AS IC20 I probably should have just searched this topic but we will see ...... Thanks in advance ...
  27. Annoying Ribbon Bar

    Not sure when or why this started happening but, every time I open mastercam the ribbon bar at the top (just below the xyz location) takes up 2/3 of the screen. I've tried moving it but it doesn't give me the option. I'm stuck having to pull the bottom up every time I open the program. Can anyone help with this? side note the "tool path manager" also gets smaller but it still stays on the left. thanks guys
  28. help please

    I saved the toolpath as geometry...created a point...I then used the tool path editor to move that z retract out to the point jmp_mur.mcam
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