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  2. Yes Sticky , that was true for me until yesterday. Gone are the little bits of paper where I have my X, Y and Z coordinates ( I should have become a doctor, even I can't read my own writing ) . Using this I can machine the shutoff in the mold, measure the control point on it and the probing cycle is waiting for me with the difference between nominal and measured on the screen . I can now automate the next step of the iteration and use the observed difference as a datum shift to finish the cleanup. Gracjan PS . I have yet to see Productivity + running on my Heidenhains. I have a generic Heidehain post made by CNC which at least judging from the name should be working , but it does not. And all the documentation enclosed is making me giddy . Any clues out there about this : Productivity+ and Heidenhain ?
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  4. I have a heidenhain but I don't run it. The probing cycles look easier to use at the control/mdi input than iso g code to me.
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  6. Looks like you need a cross contour, not a c-axis contour.
  7. 7-8 years ago I could have done this with Adobes' Flash but I have since forgotten Action Script. I still have Adobe CS4 suite. And it still kicks xxxx when I need it.
  8. This should be pinned...
  9. Hi Ricky, Normally I recommend that students without much experience take the Basic Post Processing course first, as that is my "introduction" course that explains all the fundamentals of editing posts and the MP Language. I think you'd probably be OK taking the 5 Axis post course, as this class deals mainly with making "configuration" edits to the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill Post. I show you how to setup the switches (variable settings) for different machine types, and show you how to control the post output using the Miscellaneous Integers and Real Numbers. At the end of the class we will get into Vector and Matrix math functions. We do record the sessions, and include 2 months of access to the recorded material with the initial course fee. If you want continued access to the recordings, then there are options for a monthly or yearly subscription to get access to the recorded videos. (The subscription actually gives you access to all the recorded material on the website, not just this class...)
  10. right on guys just had to get latest update. Big thanks to all who helped me though this large annoyance.
  11. Hello, I am programming a part with a face slot and it needs to be done using a grinding wheel. I understand it's not the traditional way of approach, but there's nothing traditional about machining soft carbide. Typically, a C-Axis Face Contour would be the go-to operation, but in this case I need the wheel to approach perpendicular to the face. That said, I select C-Axis Contour to orient my tool correctly. I created a tool using an endmill and defined it to replicate my grinding wheel. The problem is that Mastercam, by default, wants to utilize Rotary Axis Substitution. Also, my depth of cut and such seem to be driven from the O.D. of the part when it's the face that I need identified as "Top of Stock". I also seem to be unable to adjust my Planes to orient my tool. Any help in getting the wheel to approach correctly would be appreciated. I attached a screenshot of the part and tool.
  12. Colin, is there a certain level of post editing that you would want someone to be at before taking your course? I haven't done much post editing and I just wouldn't want to waist everyone's time with basic questions that I should know before hand. Is the class going to be recorded for reference if we want to go look back at it in the future?
  13. Version 1.0.0

    Intended for the advanced Mastercam user, this book contains new projects demonstrating a variety of Advanced Multiaxis milling applications. The initial tutorials introduce Mastercam’s simplified multiaxis user interface featuring custom application toolpaths, and they later transition to the more advanced interface. Topics include Tool Box toolpaths such as Projection, Impeller floor surface and Impeller blade swarf finish toolpaths. From the Wireframe toolpath family, you will learn how to use Parallel to multiple curves and Morph between two curves. You will also generate rough and finish toolpaths from the Surface/Solid toolpath family, such as Morph between two surfaces, Parallel cuts, Swarf milling and Parallel to surface. Additionally, a special project is designed specifically to familiarize you with different Collision control strategies and how to verify the toolpaths using the new machine simulation module that combines toolpath backplot mode and material removal mode with collision detections.

    From $39.99

  14. Are you running the final version of X9 (Build date 12/11/2015)
  15. Kinda misunderstood your question. Normally i would just click where i want the C plane but i "set" it on the plane and it did the same thing.
  16. No. I work on a horizontal so my WCS and C plane are always different. Another programmer that works on verticals has problems also.
  17. That's a weird one in your video After you pick the other wcs do you go to the top view to "set" it.
  18. Everyone using WCS in Aircraft or Rocket Space? If you are moving your parts to the origin you will not experience the same issue. I have a part spread out over 10 Mastercam files and didn't have issues. It was moved to the World Origin and not left in Rocket Space. Last few files I have all the trouble with were left in Rocket Space. I will never make that mistake again no matter how much someone will want to tell me it is fixed these issues have cost me days of time sorting through them all. That lost time is something I am eating out of my pocket how do I charge a customer for these issues? Sorry I just don't feel right passing that on to a customer. 2018 Machine sim and Transform to WCS is not respecting the WCS it is now using the world positions. Was rock solid up until 2018. The Rotations are correct, just not the positions.
  19. 20170726_125659.mp4
  20. I'm baffled I do not see this behavior in X9 MC2017 or 18 and have absolutely no idea how to cause it, or how to fix it
  21. backplot

    we post the code and run it through ncplot. doing this allows you to setup your toolchange time and rapids and its very close for us (10%ish) to get it spot on you need to know machine kinematics - acc/dec on the axes etc
  22. and if you 4 and 5 axis programming?
  23. I'll jump in. I am also using X9 and use planes a lot. Make sure your toolpaths in the machine groups are all the same. See attached picture.
  24. For a Fanuc controller maybe...This is a Heidenhain if has his own probing cycles, and they are more advanced then Renishaw... and I'm telling you from experience. I'm using both of them on regular basis. ...different animal. On machines with Heidenhain or Sinumerik, Renishaw will be like driving a Ferrari in 1st gear.
  25. I'm assuming you've checked for runout?
  26. In both MC2017 and 18, if you are reselecting geometry for an exisiting toolpath, the Tool plane changes to the operation's defined tool plane. On my system, Gview does not change. Once the geometry selection is done, the Toolplane changes back to whatever you had it set at. The only way you'd know it even happened is if you were watching TP during the selection process. If you think about it, it only makes sense that it would do that
  27. It is X9 and it is unchecked in config (2 places) and unchecked in plane manager ( 2places). Thanks for the replies.
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