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  2. Surface Finish Parallel

  3. Vericut 8.0

    Driven point should always be at tip on Normal tools and dependning on how you setup the Right Angle head and post code then either tip of intersection of tool center line to length posted for.
  4. Surface Finish Parallel

    You can create your own Mill Ribbon will the classic Mill toolpaths so you can keeping using the robust power of Mastercam like you have for years along with the expand strengths of the HST toolpaths.
  5. Vericut 8.0

    Driven point should be on the tool tip or gage length in tool manager?
  6. Today

    Got it JP. Thank you!

    Create circle center point, place center at origin. When I analyze point position I only have points on x axis.

    Make sure your autocursor is set to have quadrant active
  10. Surface Finish Parallel

    Right click in the OP's manager.. Not in the drop down menu's
  11. Surface Finish Parallel

    Does surface finish parallel still exist somewhere inside of 2018? For some simple tasks it is far easier to use than raster.
  12. When I create a circle it only has points at 3 oclock and 9 oclock, it used to have at 12,3,6,9.
  13. MP Master G10's?

    Here's what I use before firing up the laser setter programs; % O9026(M501 -- TOOL OFFSET REMOVAL PROGRAM) (PARAMETER 6086) (A = FIRST TOOL TO REMOVE, DEFAULTS TO 6) (B = LAST TOOL TO REMOVE, DEFAULTS TO 200) IF[#1EQ#0]THEN#1=6 IF[#2EQ#0]THEN#2=200 WHILE[#1LE#2]DO1 #3=10000+#1 #4=11000+#1 #5=12000+#1 #6=13000+#1 IF[#1EQ4]GOTO1 #[#3]=88.8888 #[#4]=0 #[#5]=0 #[#6]=0 N1 #1=#1+1 END1 M99 % This program will clear out the comped offsets and adds 88" to the geometry length offsets. If a tool is missed the 88.8888 will over travel the empty pocket.
  14. MP Master G10's?

    Regardless of how you try to manage it Trying to run both wear & control is a prescription for disaster IMHO
  15. MP Master G10's?

    many years ago I placed a .zip file on the FTP site in the post section that has a G10 list built in. You can update it or just copy the necessary logic out of it. I believe there are several other threads in the post section where this has been discussed as well, just do a search.
  16. Any simple way to get MPMaster to output G10 L12 P1 R0.0? I've had enough of the operators running a muck! I'm throwing down the hammer on Wear Comp. But in order for it to work Im having to do manual entries with My G10's. I want to do them at the beginning of the program to zero the tool diameters and would like to do them at the end to reset the value to the the tool Diameter encase the next job uses the same tool but is programmed in Control. Its the only way I can see to keep these guys from messing up a good thing. Would be even more awsome if it were attached to a misc integer so I could switch it on and off. This is obviously deeper down the rabbits hole then I've been. But it could make my job sooooooo much ezier... Thanks as always

    I guess you would need to post something like : L M91 Y-1. Z-1. F MAX
  18. optirough

    Strategy: From outside, or Stay inside.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Thank you everyone soo much. I added the new format you suggested and like that so much better. This will make my life soo much easier. I hate hand editing anything in the programs.
  21. Using program number for macro

    Also, you are using "Format Statment #2", in your Format Assignment line: fmt "" 2 macroprogno #macroprogno I would recommend creating a new Format Statement, so you can get different formatting, without affecting the other variables that use fs2 #2. fs2 30 4.0 4.0l #Format number 30, Decimal, force 4 leading Then, changing your Format Assignment to: fmt "#602=" 30 macroprogno #macroprogno Now, instead of this: 35, "602=", "" , 35, macroprogno ," ( SET PROGRAM NUMBER )", e$ You just need this: *macroprogno ," ( SET PROGRAM NUMBER )", e$
  22. Using program number for macro

    Your error is just a simple spelling error. I do it all the time. You initialized a variable: macroprogno : 0 But when you used it on the output line, you added a dollar sign "$". The dollar sign indicates a "pre-defined" variable; a variable that is already defined in the MP.DLL post engine. Your line should be: 35, "602=", "" , 35, macroprogno ," ( SET PROGRAM NUMBER )", e$
  23. Sorry I forgot to add that also. I do have that like this in # Common User-defined Variable Initializations (not switches!) macroprogno : 0
  24. You have to initialize the variable Add this somewhere near the top of the post, it needs this for it to work. Or look for other initilized variable and put it on a line by itself macroprogno : 0
  25. Soy did send me a message and gave me pointers. and I think I am close. I added to user variables in the pheader I have added for the call out I have I am getting this error for the call out line the nc is posting basically anywhere I add macroprogno$ I will get the same label has not been defined error. Seems like I am close just missing something.
  26. Hi Colin I still need to keep the prog no at the top. I am just trying to save the program number to a macro. This should be simple with adding into the program #602=#4000. But if I am in a sub routine, and use this value it will still only set the main program value. SO instead of hand editing my programs. I was hoping to get the post to add the line automatically.
  27. Vericut 8.0

    This has happened to me with right angle heads. If I remember correctly the Driven Point was in the wrong position in the tool manager.
  28. Last week
  29. Using program number for macro

    Do you still want the "O0050" at the header, or are you ok with eliminating that output, and just changing the formatting of 'progno$'. Because that is dead simple. You just need to change the Format Assignment for 'progno$': fmt "#602=" 7 progno$ "." #Program number That should give you want you want: #602=0050.
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