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  2. I'm trying to machine the attached file on a lathe which is a simple part. check solid on Mastercam returns Body is inside out i have no idea what it means and what should i do ! I would appreciate any help thanks ! stock id : 16.2mm stock od: 29 mm https://www.mediafire.com/file/lgvye1wqrt5ub6p/Emastercam+forum.mcam/file
  3. Hello, notification sounds (connect/disconnect USB Drive) are disappearing from the Mastercam 2024-2025 program. I know it's from it because I've done tests many times. After the sounds are gone I don't know how to turn them back on. In order for them to appear, I have to create a new user. All the settings are fine, how to fix the problem
  4. Hello, notification sounds (connect/disconnect USB Drive) are disappearing from the Mastercam 2024-2025 program. I know it's from it because I've done tests many times. After the sounds are gone I don't know how to turn them back on. In order for them to appear, I have to create a new user. All the settings are fine, how to fix the problem
  5. I thought it was on the main thread at Mastercam.com but it's not That's a link to the Tech Preview Fourm You have to be a special kind of crazy before they let you in there. Sorry.
  6. Yesterday
  7. That's links to another one of the You do not have permission to view this content. spots. Must be for developers or some such, like the beta for My Voice.
  8. This is the thread I started on Mastercam.com I was complaining about how Translate/Dynamic had devolved between x24 and x25 when translating solids At the time I didn't realize how bad X25 was with toolpaths
  9. Yes, you can change it- simply right-click on the view cube and uncheck "relative to WCS" to get it to reference global Top
  10. draw some wireframe arcs away from the solid and try picking them when there is nothing in the way
  11. Selecting wireframe when there is a solid on the screen is a PITA... Solid chain selection suck, has sucked, will always suck...this software it seems is determined to try to make wireframe unselectable at some point.
  12. Just be aware these changes affect selecting wireframe and solids in the same operation for hole operations if you want to select wireframe arcs and solid arcs you have to select wireframe first if you select solid arcs/holes first you cannot select any wireframe you have to deselect the solids then select the wireframe
  13. Hi, I am trying to export a solid entity (mc_solid_ent). For my purpose I need to iterate in depth over all its Parasolid objects – body, faces, edges, and vertices. ps_tag_to_mc_ents function works, but it actually explodes the object and creates multiple new objects. I don't want to modify the original project. Is there a way to iterate over all Parasolid objects in depth without using this function? If there is no such way, what is the best approach to delete all newly generated objects? - I don't like this as a solution - redundant, requires extra memory, time consuming, etc., but if there is no other option...
  14. It was mentioned here: Mastercam 2025 Is Available to All Customers – myMastercam that it was in part to consistify the behavior between wireframe and solid autocursor selection while also expanding visual autocursor selection cues. I agree about the effect it has had on toolpath point selection. It's something not immediately apparent when in general selection, but which is felt when you're trying to zip through a traditional toolpath setup in several different ways.
  15. I sent an email and got a "we'll forward your concerns to the team responsible" response. Any idea what the thinking behind this change was? I can see wanting to turn that off occasionally, but defaulting it to off forcing you to have to enable arc center for every selection is tedious.
  16. Comments on the autocursor centerpoint changes are noted and I'll bring it up to the Product Owner for further discussion. Thanks guys.
  17. That's a new feature for Mastercam 2024 only sadly. Is there no way you can change it?
  18. I may be wrong, but I don't think chip breaking cycles exist for lathe, at least not for Fanuc. I just use Advanced Drill for chip-breaking operations.
  19. email qc and let them know.. if enough people make noise perhaps they'll listen my bug report on this was discounted and not issued a bug number the new solid selection method is not only broken.. it is extremely easy to select the bottom of a hole instead of the top. That makes it too dangerous to use.
  20. I just abandoned 2025 over this. I could probably get used to it but yea, solid selection blows now. This is really going to be the new default? Having to hit C every single time you want to select a hole center?
  21. You just need to find a cutter with a nose radius between .0027" and .0032" to meet that spec for external 2-56 J thread (ASME B1.15 (1995) derived from MIL-S-8879C). External UNJ threads per SAE AS8879 have a rounded controlled root radius at the minor diameter. The minimum root radius is calculated at 0.15011p and the maximum root radius is calculated at 0.18042p. The root contour shall have a smooth, continuous, non-reversing contour and shall blend tangentially into the flanks and any straight segment.
  22. The graphical planes settings are saved on a per-toolpath basis, so you can just turn them off using that overall on/off switch on the dialog, then use the Save Defaults button to apply that permanently to specific op types- for example if you wanted to see them in drill ops but not in mill ops, etc.
  23. Thanks Crazy...trying to get customer to see some futility in this new endeavor...but they may have their reasons...
  24. can some know what code I can use for chp brake cykle ,the G73 do not work thank you for any help
  25. @SuperHoneyBadger thanks for the insight. Will get into that users laptop and make the recommended changes.
  26. Anyone have any leads on small J profile cutting inserts? Need to produce a #2-56 UNJC-3A external thread and "my guy" is telling me there's 'nothing' out there. Customer Engineering threw this on to the print 5 yrs ago and never tried producing parts until now...
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