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Yet another units conversion problem

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So I am currently testing MasterCam to evaluate whether it is fit or not for our needs. I am very excited about many features - its integration within SolidWorks not being the least - but one big stone lay dead on my path: I cannot seem to be able to output metric gcode properly. I have an imperial model and imperial tools set up, and all my toolpaths have been done. But even though I *try* to use a metric machine definition (because machine limitations), any code output is g20 imperial. If I convert the part to metric (i.e. changing units in the model), tools won't follow and end up being dead small - plus the feeds aren't "translated" either, producing a mixed nightmare of wonders in the resulting code. More so: if I open any tool to edit its definition, it shows it as being imperial, but no conversion occurs nowhere. So I'd like to know what's wrong: my execution, or my thinking? More details about the execution part as required. Any help appreciated; I have been wasting what little time I had on that problem for the past days, and GF's not very happy about it... I'd really like to keep anything already imperial that way, because I'm just getting used to CNC and starting to make sense out of them numbers (esp. feeds). -ED


EDIT 1: Oh yeah, and when I try to edit the config, since the file (SW part) is in imperial system, it does not let me choose any metric config file. Bummer.

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The best way is to bring the model in Mastercam in imperial and then switch it  to metric and program everything in metric.

Another option is to let a customize post processor to make the conversion for you.

You will be charged for that post  processor and there could potential issues  such as the arc output with I&J values. This is  due to the tolerance differences between imperial and metric (0.001 versus 0.02).

To sum it up, convert the part to metric and set Mastercam system configuration to metric, select the metric machine.  While programming use the metric tools or, in 2018, select the inch library and pick the inch tools. Mastercam will do the tool conversion automatically in 2018!

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