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Hello everyone.

I'm having a problem in nesting operations cluster from files. When I add a cluster, some operations does not appears in the preview and when I generate the nesting, some parts does not respect de boundaries and are set outside of the sheet. And every time that I add a cluster and they appear the letter "C" in the label, this part came with this problem, but when they came with letter "P", the nesting generate normal as I expected.

2019-06-18 07_48_35-V__Abteilungen_SaoPaulo_PQP-F_Intern_ROUTER_MCX_T.mcam_ - Mastercam Mill 2019.jpg

2019-06-18 07_50_33-V__Abteilungen_SaoPaulo_PQP-F_Intern_ROUTER_MCX_T.mcam_ - Mastercam Mill 2019.jpg

2019-06-18 07_51_42-V__Abteilungen_SaoPaulo_PQP-F_Intern_ROUTER_MCX_T.mcam_ - Mastercam Mill 2019.jpg

2019-06-18 07_51_57-V__Abteilungen_SaoPaulo_PQP-F_Intern_ROUTER_MCX_T.mcam_ - Mastercam Mill 2019.jpg

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From what I've seen I would say if mastercam cannot clearly define the boundary of your part it will consider as a "cluster". Usually the cause is an operation leading in or out too far outside the boundary of the main closed contour, or ramp or oscilation toolpaths as they turn sharp corners. The first step I usually take to resolve the problem is too create a duplicate of the part and delete the operations one by one and renest it after each deletion until I isolate the faulty operation then try adjusting that operation until it de-clusters. 

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