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  1. Thank you so much for the guidance! I did manage to communicate with our awesome reseller, and was able to hone in a little. I ran a sample path above a finished part with no alarms. The solution looks like this. Perpendicular entry activated and every else off, entry/exit clearance and line @ 0. That simple. Thank you!
  2. No luck with the entry/ exit clearance. I attached .mpf file for perusal. Alarm is on line #127, danger of collision due to tool radius compensation. I will try some more changes.. 222.774 5 AXIS THREADMILL TESTmpf.mpf
  3. Hello all, I've run into an issue with a comp error while thread milling on an angle (B axis ) using the 5axis drill ( Siemens 840 D). I have no problem making a tool plane and positioning in cycle 800. When b axis is tilted in 5 axis mode it uses TraoriCut3dc active also), Seems to be when leaving the helix at the end on the pass, not at the g40 line. I'd like to save time by doing more feature in 5 axis mode. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello all, is it possible to use Productivity Plus in Lathe Machine? I have a DMG Mill with turning. I use an .lmd file for all my tool paths(milling and lathe) as suggested by Postability. Productivity only works inside a mmd. I opened another .mmd in the file tree but when posting I cant get them to post together in one .mpf file. Am I missing something? Does anyone know a better approach? Thank You!
  5. Thanks, so how I am using it is opening up in LMD. I orient my part to the spindle for milling first. Then, I create a custom turning plane for turning which I line up with the my milling WCS (Postability website). So for turning paths I use custom turning WCS with Tplane upper left. So the top view in my Turning WCS is like a regular Horizontal lathe. Does this sound reasonable? Are there better ways of doing this?
  6. Doing some more research, this is where I'm at.. So I plan on doing some rough milling ops then finish turning and lastly all the point work/drilling/tapping. I drew a solid from scratch, and created a Turning WCS plane and aligned it. I was watching the old Postability video on their website from 2018. Problem is, its in a horizontal lathe position. I'm thinking I have to go into the machine definitions and add a VTL Table setup to the C axis dropdown box? Would this be the correct way to set up VTL style? I haven't ever used the new style machine definitions. Is there A way to determine/ identify all the features on the machine and how to add these to The machine definitions ? I have grinding capability also that has never been used on this machine...
  7. I was thinking that using one file was best and manipulating the tool planes and lathe world WCS would be correct. Just thinking about what is the most productive standard way. Although this is they way I have the least experience.. I'll come up with something and repost !
  8. Hi folks, Just wondering how the community would open up a part with milling and turning(DMG dmc125 duoblock/840D). Our old programmer would use two separate files when milling and turning. Now that this is falling on my shoulders, isn't the "correct" way to have both machine groups in the same file? This DMG is a 5axis with a nutating head. Turning is with the table VTL style. Last time I was full time programming was X7, 2020 is a lot different. Our reseller is sequestered because of the virus...Can any one point me in the right direction?
  9. I found a solution! You must add the macro while inside Probing. Use Gcode block feature to write code inside production plus. That way it does not over write manual entry. So I added a Gcode block before and after my probing cycle and it worked perfectly. My code was nested inside of Production Plus's when posted!
  10. Hello all, I'm looking for some guidance on how to add a small macro command before my Productivity Plus probing path. I've been adding a conditional statement at the control be fore probing, and would like to add it through Mastercam. I thought under manual entry I could link a .txt file before and after the probing like this R411=0 ;0 FOR NO PROBING 1 FOR PROBING (this is at the top of program before first tool) IF R411==0 (this is before a probing routine) GOTOF SKIPPROBE END IF (this is before a probing routine) SKIPPROBE:( this is after probing) The problem seems to be Renishaw is over writing up until the previous tool path. So I will get the SKIPPROBE: label after but, not the conditional statement before. Just to check, added drill path in between the conditional statement and probing and then my conditional statement was there. So my question is what is the best practice to implement something like this?

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