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  1. Mejo

    Compensation Type Problems

    Also I am trying to use the same programs on three different machines how would this work
  2. Mejo

    Compensation Type Problems

    What happens when compensation is off what length will it use from the machine prams or master cam prams? Thanks.
  3. Why do I get different results with Computer and Control Compensation Type. When backploting. Computer follows the tool path correctly where control wont.
  4. Is it possible to lock a part from rotation when nesting for example keep gabbles always horizontal direction and have all other parts set to ignore?
  5. Mejo

    Cpu 30 % usage

    Nesting 40 cabinets takes about 40 mins to generate
  6. Mejo

    Cpu 30 % usage

    Anyone have the same issue? How can it be fixed?

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