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  1. Found the problem: any combination of parameters that will not allow the tool to fit will give that error
  2. Michael K

    How do I improve Mastercam Simulator graphics?

    Found a clue in the help file. It does not say where these options are. Does someone know to which menu this is referring to?
  3. How do I improve Mastercam Simulator graphics? Graphics in the main program are good but are significantly worse in the simulator. Framerate and modelling is choppy even though I have a dedicated graphics card. Max settings are applied to the program through the Nvidia control panel. Turbo mode is off. Performance/Precision adjust does not do it.
  4. Its me again I am getting this error when trying to mill a slot and a similar error when trying dynamic mill: "ERROR-Error Regenerating Operation! 1-Slot Milling-[WCS:Top]-[Tplane:Top]" All I could think of is it has a problem with duplicates or overlapping entities but thats not what it wants. What. is. this.
  5. Sometimes the programs tool library consists of 280 tools, sometimes its 427 tools. Why might this happen?
  6. oh that, thats called the shading dialogue...ive been there alot and that doesnt do anything.
  7. Where is the shading dialog? I dont know what that is or how to toggle it on and off.
  8. Michael K

    How do I fix a choppy surface trim?

    Problem is gone now. Dont know what exactly changed. The wireframe density is the usual density.
  9. all im saying is the program wont model basic surface shapes. If i try to model just a surface sphere it shows a preview but if i click on "OK" all it shows is the base point, not the model of the sphere. no pressing alt-s doesn't do it. i have other things modelled so it is in shaded mode and surface spheres are just represented by their centre point, not even a wireframe.
  10. How will I model it if I can't start with the basic surface shapes??
  11. When I create Solids or "Create" surfaces they are rendered yet "Simple" surfaces aren't, I see the wireframe attached to the cursor. When I click with the "Solid" option on I see the rendering and it stays there like it should when I click "OK". When I have the "Surface" option on all i get is the base point and no model at all with the radius locked. With the radius unlocked I get a preview of the surface but if I click "OK" or anywhere else it disappears. Can someone figure this out for me?
  12. Michael K

    How do I fix a choppy surface trim?

    Here it is. ADV 5 2.emcam
  13. Michael K

    How do I fix a choppy surface trim?

    The card is more than enough for the software. The rest of the modelling looks very good at a smooth framerate.
  14. The surface trim effect I get is far less refined than I indicated, and from the rest of the form as you can see in the screenshot. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?
  15. I have a follow up question. The surface trim option trims in an unrefined manner much like the unrefined modelling I had previously. I have no idea why this behaves this way given that I have changed the chord height setting. I tried changing the wireframe density of the surface but that has no affect. Can this be fixed?

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