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  1. In what version of MasterCam we can be Mill/Turn ? I have the 2019 version but it has no Mill/Turn. How can I add this feature to the software ? I need so much thanks for your advice.
  2. How much does postprocessor 2019 cost? Where can I get a good processor post ? I need the processor post for most lathes. Thank you for your help.
  3. Mastercam 2019. How can i do this ?
  4. Hello guys I need help for sub spindle offset. How can I define the Sub Spindle Work offset after transfer part, so that the G- code generated in the Z- axis is equal to zero such as main spindle.
  5. nayebi

    setup Post Processor

    I found it. Thank you very much guys.
  6. nayebi

    setup Post Processor

    I'm sorry I mean the machine.
  7. nayebi

    setup Post Processor

    Unfortunately, I do not have the editor to adjust the post output settings. GENERIC HAAS SL 4X MT_LATHE I use this post [GENERIC HAAS SL 4X MT_LATHE]. No, I did not call. There are two sets of devices, one radius and one diameter.
  8. nayebi

    setup Post Processor

    Hi nickbe10 ! This is a post header that tells which part exactly ? How can I switch from header to which part ? No, I misunderstood the plan manager. I'm having trouble with any post. Is there a special post for this change ?
  9. nayebi

    setup Post Processor

    Is it done with a post change? These changes are related to the lathe. For G code converts the coordinates from D to X and X to D.
  10. Hi, How can I output all my values in diameter instead of radius ?

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