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Mpmaster is based on CNC Software's master mill post - Mpfan - but offers additional features. eMastercam.com is operated by In-House Solutions Inc. - Authorized Canadian Distributor. Please do not email post requests or support questions. For post requests or support contact your local reseller.


Click "Download" to download the following:

  • Mpmaster for 2017 - our master configurable 4-axis G-code post. Rotary settings are configured in the Machine Definition. Note: separate horizontal and vertical posts provided.

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Updated October 6 2016


Special Features

  • 2017 specific parameter updates to maintain previous functionality
  • Stock to leave comments switchable to all available operations
  • X style Coolant support
  • X style comment support
  • Compatible with Machine Def changes for vertical/horizontal 4-Axis table machine configurations
  • File header tool table - configurable for Predator Virtual CNC and MetaCut View tool definition and stock comments
  • Enhanced header entries
  • Single rotary axis prefix setting
  • No output of "A" for 3-Axis programs
  • Sets WCS style in post, not in Misc Values
  • Min/Max Z depth comments
  • Coolant off with last Z move
  • Optional support for Acramatic 2100 style helical moves
  • Lock on first WCS for use for 4-Axis rotary toolpaths
  • Support for probing (Productivity+)

What's New in Version 1.1


  • 1.1 - Corrected drilling upr bug
  • 1.0 - Initial Release
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