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  1. ToolanddieGuy

    Activereports stock image issue

    Thanks for the reply. Thats actually the video tutorial I used to create my initial setup sheet. There's no mention in there about how to change the image size. I've reached out to Mastercam technical support, and waiting to hear back.
  2. ToolanddieGuy

    Activereports stock image issue

    I'm using mill2 as a template. Thanks! edit: but I snagged the "MillSZ" file from the "mill" template and modified that
  3. ToolanddieGuy

    Activereports stock image issue

    Hey everyone. I recently started with a new company, and one of my first tasks was to develop a setup sheet. I've done this in the past, but I hit a snag that I just can't seem to get around. I'm using Activereports, and for the image of my stock, I'm getting a very small picture of the wireframe with the WCS. I'd like the stock image to zoom in and fill the box. Can anyone help?

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