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  1. Ill have to look into this some more and see if we have any of the options you mentioned. I would guess that we do not. thanks
  2. I have a Ameraseiki bridgemill with a 90 deg head and fanuc control. When I machine the 90 degrees faces its fine. But when I go to mill a 45 deg face meaning that I'm cutting in X and Y at the same time I'm having trouble. First my post was not outputting the G44/G43 and the H command when doing the 45 degree faces. So I got my post updated but now the machine is alarming out when It sees more than 1 axis with the tool length compensation. If I run it without the tool length comp and adjust the depth for my tool length it cuts fine. and if I edit it so it only compensates 1 axis its not in the right position. i hope this makes sense. any ideas???? T1 M06(6" FACE MILL) M200 C225. M01 G17 G00 G59 G90 G44 H1 X-19.434 Y-13.4214 ( it gives alarm----- tool comp command more than 2 axis) Z2.475 M08 X-11.8327 Y-5.82 G01 X-11.5922 Y-5.5795 F30. X-5.3444 Y-11.8274 F65. X-5.5212 Y-12.0042 F50. G00 X-13.1862 Y-19.6692 M09 G91 G00 G28 Z0. M30 thanks
  3. With our machine we touch off tools like normal without the 90 DEG head on. then when we put the head on those offset lengths are transfered to the head. the post compensates for the additional length the head adds. I only have problems when face milling in 2 directions where it needs to apply the offset to 2 axis at the same time. thanks
  4. Our company is looking into the idea of tool vending machines. MSC is going to come out and give a sales pitch. I know a couple other venders I deal with offer the same thing. We are a small company that does not do production work. Every thing is Custom 1-2 piece . Currently I keep a few Vidmars stocked with tooling that is ordered by our purchaser from a handful of venders depending our she can get the best price. What are some pros and cons of this system??? Thanks
  5. FTI2007

    Tool Vending Machine

    Why did you choose them for your needs?
  6. FTI2007

    Tool Vending Machine

    MSC is just the first one to come out and give their pitch. IF we go to a tool management system We would look into others as well and find the best fit for us. I just do not know anything about it so thats why I was asking for info. Nothing is going to happen overnight.
  7. FTI2007

    It's 5 O'Clock somewhere

    what is batch processing? I have seen the icon but never new what it was for. I read the mastercam help menu but I still do not understand it.
  8. Im looking for recommendations for a indexable finish ball endmill that is necked back 6" in .75 diameter. It will be used for finishing a profile in P20. thanks in advance.
  9. Can anyone explain to why a Mitsubishi Insert is $88 and a Dapra Is $30? If they last 3 times as long I would understand but I find that hard to believe. And to the guys that are running any of these what are you using for a holder? We currently just use an endmill holder for our indexable tooling. I see Dapra recommends Shrink fit or a milling chuck.
  10. I just got a quote on the Mitsubishi SRF. I was little shocked by the price of the insert at $88 each. but they have a promo where you buy 2 inserts and the body is free so that helps. I am waiting on a quote from DAPRA.
  11. Why can I not tell optirest to start from outside instead of stay inside? The option is grayed out. I thought we could before or am I wrong? It would save some ramping time on my current part if I could . This is in 2018
  12. FTI2007

    OptiRest milling start from outside?

    Ok thanks. Maybe they could in the future make start on outside an option for opti rest. It would be beneficial at times and save a step or two than doing it the current way.
  13. FTI2007

    OptiRest milling start from outside?

    That does not seem to work....?
  14. FTI2007

    OptiRest milling start from outside?

    I tried that but as soon as I turn stock back on turn changes it back to inside.
  15. FTI2007

    Hybrid Start point

    How do I control where surface high speed Hybrid starts? It starts in the center and works out like a scallop path. I would like it to start on the outside and Go in. Im using 2018 Thanks in advance
  16. FTI2007

    Hybrid Start point

    I tried this but it locked the operation and messed it up. It still started in the middle but also did some huge arcs. I ended up having to delete it and start over because I couldnt reverse it again. I hope they add it in the near future. Thanks guys
  17. How Can I Improve my surface Finish. I am Using surface finish hi speed hybrid to finish this. The finished part looks exactly like it does in verify so I am assuming its not the tool or the machine. I am using a 1/2" ball endmill . Can anything be done? Or what would be a better toolpath to finish the 3d part of this? Is it a filter setting? I have been having this problem on multiple parts. Thanks in advance. I am tryin to cut down on or elimate any buffin/polishing down the line. THanks in advance
  18. FTI2007

    How can I improve my Finish

    Its on a Haas VF5SS. Maybe Ill try both and see if I can tell a difference.
  19. FTI2007

    How can I improve my Finish

    what do you recomend for a stepover? this place has always used a .0001 scallop height witch is .014. Surface finishes is just one of many things I am trying to improve around here. I will give the other settings a try. Thanks
  20. FTI2007

    Viewsheets. Why you no click it?

    I have always wanted to pursue using them but I think I tried once back when they first were introduced and didn't understand it. Is there any good Tutorial videos on how they work and how to use them. I think if more people would use them if they had proper instruction.
  21. FTI2007


    right click on machine group,then -groups- new toolpath group or machine group
  22. What is the best method to setup stock for verify for weldments or castings? Obviously the standard stock box method doesn't work for this type of work. For basic parts I just make a couple tool paths to remove the extra material and only use them for verify and ghost them later. Thanks
  23. FTI2007

    Best way to verify weldments/castings

    I noticed that option to. I just tried it and it will work for some of the weldments we do. A good quick way to do it. thanks
  24. FTI2007

    Best way to verify weldments/castings

    Now I got it. Thanks.
  25. FTI2007

    Best way to verify weldments/castings

    yes we have the finished models. they are created in house. If there is no need to convert to a STL how do you choose the stock model for stock in verify?

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