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  1. My company has just installed Mastercam 2018 and is is working, I have downloaded and unzipped the X+ for 2018 app. However I get a X+ setup box saying: Mastercam directory not found\installation aborted. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hey guys i just started a company that just bought a new UMC 750. I and another programmer are using X9, but have no 5 axis experience. We have been able to run a few jobs using the WCS, but have recenly been given a job that needs full 5 axis machining, and we have no idea how to pull it off. We have heard about HAAS using dynamic work offsets, and have a post to support it, but which multi-axis toolpaths and setting up the job are proving to be a real challenge. Any advice or direction that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot
  3. I get this output from my post: (CLEAN TOP) N9 G91 G30 Z0 M5 G91 G30 X0 Y0 T9 M6 (3.15 VALENITE SHELLMILL) (RAPID = Z.25) (MAX DEPTH = Z0.) G0 G90 G54 X12.6376 Y2.975 S5500 M3 G43 H9 Z.25 /M8 T21 Z.1 G1 Z0. F50. X-12.6374 Y0. X12.6376 Y-2.975 X-12.6374 G0 Z.25 M9 G0 G40 G80 Z2. M9 G91 G30 Z0 M5 G91 G30 X0 Y0 M1 (DRILL THRU) N21 G91 G30 Z0 M5 G91 G30 X0 Y0 T21 M6 (X DRILL) (RAPID = Z.25) (MAX DEPTH = Z-.8) G0 G90 G54 X8.8125 Y-1.8019 S3000 M3 G43 H21 Z.25 /M8 T11 G98 G83 Z-.8 R.1 Q.1 F20. X0. X-8.8125 Y1.5032 X0. X8.8125 G0 G40 G80 Z2. M9 G91 G30 Z0 M5 G91 G30 X0 Y0 M1 How do I get the tool comments to output at the end of the Sequence Number example: N9 (CLEAN TOP), N21(DRILL THRU), etc. Thanks alot
  4. Hey, EX-Programmer, that did it I have my comments back, thanks alot it was driving me crazy! Thanks again
  5. I,ve been doing some post editing, and at one time I had comments i entered in the Comment field i.e. Face Top in the tool definition dialog posting out. Now i have lost those comments. How do I get those comments back? Thanks
  6. OK, Thanks alot Ray D, I copied and pasted your snippet into my post, and the comments/code are coming out as desired. Thanks alot
  7. When I enter text in the Manual Entry dialog, as code the text posts enclosed in parenthesis. As code it should not have parenthesis around the text. How do I get rid of the parenthesis? Thanks
  8. What is a good resource to learn Mastercam X5(.MMD) Post programming/editing, or (.SET) in a tutorial format that does'nt require a classroom, or is not the Mastercam Reference Manuals. I have seen a neat setup sheet that was produced with a modified MILL.SET post. Thanks

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