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  1. Did you get anyware with this topic, as i am looking for the very samething. could somone write the code that would do this for the default fanuc post. ( T1 - 1/4 CDRILL DIA .250 MAX - Z.1 MIN - Z-.620) ( T2 - N7 JDRILL DIA .201 MAX - Z5. MIN - Z-5. ) ( T3 - 1/4-20 TAPRH DIA .250 MAX - Z5 MIN - Z-9.313 ) ( OVERALL MAX - Z5. ) ( OVERALL MIN - Z-10. ) G0 G17 G20 G40 G49 G80 G90 T1 M6T2 ( OVERALL MAX - Z.1 ) ( OVERALL MIN - Z-.620 ) G0 G90 G54 X-23.589 Y-6. S1591 M3 G43 H1 Z.1 thanks.
  2. Did you get the above tools list fix? I have the same problem plus i can't get all the tools listed one after the other. eg: tool-1 tool-2 tool-3 i use "pcomment" but cant get it lested. using default fanuc post any help would be grate help would be grate. thanks

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