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  1. alloutmx

    TCP- Tying Workshift To C Axis

    in effect yes.
  2. Is there a way to configure mastercam in such a way that your workshift will rotate with the Caxis while utilizing TCP
  3. alloutmx

    Wont Start Up...

    Thanks a ton. I ended up going into the Nvidia folder and running the instal for the previous driver and then I read your method which I had no clue you could right click on the star button. At 32, im really starting to feel old. I use to know all about 'puters. Now I gotta start a forum thread just to roll back a graphics driver.
  4. alloutmx

    Wont Start Up...

    Okay that worked.... how do I roll back to previous driver?
  5. alloutmx

    Wont Start Up...

    GeForce GTX960m
  6. alloutmx

    Wont Start Up...

    Running 17 from a lenovo y700. Purchased my level one seat in october-been running without issue up until yesterday. When I double click on the desktop icon, the small dialog box shows up as normal but gets hung up at "running line commands". The mastercam window will open, the mouse icon stays busy and I cannot operate the software, nor can I exit without prompting the task manager. The details in the task manager indicate the software is not responding. Thanks in advance
  7. alloutmx

    MX2 post ?

    Im sorry if this has been previously covered...I have a prototrak TRM at home with an MX2 control. Im looking for a post for the control...we are currently running mastercam version 7. Thanks in advance
  8. alloutmx

    Live tool, Lathe Help

    Yeah, i asked my boss to go back to x6 a while back....his cheaP comPuter with the broken P button, has a rough time running 7. He wont listen to me though.....he knows everything. Ohh well...I wont be here much longer Thanks again
  9. alloutmx

    Live tool, Lathe Help

    ahhh...just read your last Post Thanks for your helP
  10. alloutmx

    Live tool, Lathe Help

    okay...Planes are straightened out...but still Posting as if its a sPline... any ideas? G0 G54 X.5432 Z-.277 C0. G97 S2500 M51 G98 G1 X.5499 Z-.2482 F2. X.5521 Z-.2192 X.5499 Z-.1903 X.5433 Z-.1615 X.5322 Z-.133 X.9432 F50. G28 U0. W0. H0. M55 T0100 M30
  11. alloutmx

    Live tool, Lathe Help

    % O0000 (PROGRAM NAME - HT6185-4 375-LEVER-REVC) (DATE=DD-MM-YY - 11-12-13 TIME=HH:MM - 11:57) (MCX FILE - C:\USERS\ACCURA\DESKTOP\TRIAL.MCX-7) (NC FILE - C:\USERS\ACCURA\DOCUMENTS\MY MCAMX7\LATHE\NC\HT6185-4 375-LEVER-REVC.NC) (MATERIAL - STEEL INCH - 1030 - 200 BHN) G20 (TOOL - 1 OFFSET - 0) (0.067 CHAMFER MILL) G0 T0100 M23 G0 G54 X20. Z-10. C90. G97 S2500 M52 G98 G1 F2. G28 U0. W0. H0. M55 T0100 M30 % Im attaching the file again because I have changed it so many times... When i say sPlines, I am refering to the Part feature. They are actually suPPose to be arcs...thats why I drew arcs on a sePerate level. They came in as sPlines. TRIAL.MCX-7
  12. alloutmx

    Live tool, Lathe Help

    I do want to cut along the Z axis...pretty much exactly how the part is sitting on the screen from top view. I changed to C-axis slant bed but no better result. It verifies just fine but wont post out correctly
  13. alloutmx

    Live tool, Lathe Help

    Cutting splines on a Mazak, with C axis and live tooling In Mastercam it looks Okay, but it doesnt seem to be posting out correctly. Do I have machine def. incorrect or is it my planes or.....? Thank you for your help. Im a mill guy, but that isnt stopping the owner from sh!ting on me today, because I cant figure this out fast enough. HT6185-4 375-LEVER-REVC.MCX-7
  14. alloutmx

    Multi-surfacing HELP please

    what do you consider Organic ? I tried selecting only the faces i want and i even tried to check the to[> surefaces and it didnt work out for me. letter that looks like a backwards 9 and rhymes with T doesnt work...
  15. alloutmx

    Multi-surfacing HELP please

    I changed my minimum z height to -.125 and that seemed to make it do what i wanted. is this the correct way?

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