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  1. jonathan joseph

    auto selecting drill point

    Peter I get most of that but I'm not seeing how to select the rest of the holes without clicking everyone? Not sure what you mean by "selection bar" options?
  2. jonathan joseph

    auto selecting drill point

    Hi all Novice user here. I am trying to set up a drilling operation in Mastercam X8 router. I have hundreds of holes to drill and don't want to have to select each point by hand. There is a way to have the program find similar entities for you isn't there? Thanks in advance. jonathan
  3. jonathan joseph

    Milling with Robots

    Hey Colin, This is way out of my expertise so I don't have a lot to offer but I am interested in following what responses you get. I have a 6 axis Yaskawa robot and am interested in setting it up to mill also if the right projects came along. To this end I contacted Robotmaster ( and discussed it with them. At the time, about two years ago they had a program that would utilize Mastercam Mill to toolpath then their program integrated the robot with collision avoidance and things like that. Like I said I don't know that much but I've seen it done and it's pretty cool and not many people are doing it at least that I can find on the internet. Here's a video of using it in a woodworking application.
  4. jonathan joseph

    trim/break/extend stuck on extend

    Also, guess I should mention I'm using Mastercam X8 router.
  5. jonathan joseph

    trim/break/extend stuck on extend

    Complete novice here sorry for the simple question but I seem to only be able to extend when trying to us trim/break/extend to trim which is usually all I do with it. What did I do wrong?!
  6. jonathan joseph

    Need help loading MAstercam

    Thanks for the replies. I currently am running Mastercam 2017 and 2018. Turns out my maintenance was expired, which is obviously a problem, but my reseller is now telling me they can't renew my maintenance contract unless I'm running the latest version of the software. So they want to sell me a SIM update to the latest release. Which seems wrong. I don't need or want 2019, I just want to load the software I've already paid for onto a different machine essentially. $ on top of the maintenance seems a little much to just set up a new computer. Not sure what to do. Going to go straight to Mastercam tomorrow.
  7. jonathan joseph

    Need help loading MAstercam

    Ok, so I got 2019 downloaded but now its telling me maintenance doesn't support this latest version. It doesn't appear I can download an older version. Any advice here?
  8. jonathan joseph

    Need help loading MAstercam

    Thank you! I have an account so I will try that. And thanks to the admin for moving the post to the right place.
  9. jonathan joseph

    Need help loading MAstercam

    Hi all! I hope this is the right place to post this question. I just bought a new laptop for an employee who is going to be traveling this week and need him to be able to work remotely. We have two seats of Mastercam and SIMs for both. I'm trying to figure out how to download the newest version to this machine but seems like it's impossible without already having the program loaded!? Can this be true? How do you set up a new computer first time? Of curse both Mastercam and my machinery company are unavailable on the weekend. Thanks in advance for any advice. Jonathan

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