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  1. G1CNC

    OptiRough - Not Recognising Stock

    Thanks for the help guys. the stock model done the trick!
  2. Hi guys I'm trying to create a Opti rough toolpath using stock that was created in a previous operation. When calculating this MasterCam is outputting the toolpath as if it was a solid block when clearly its not. See pics also I will attached zip2go file also here- https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqiFymYHxox3iKYDCCpveYEGQGABVQ?e=kcy7rj Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. G1CNC

    Flute Length - In-Progress Stock

    Thanks for the help guys. It was the lead in/out that was too short.
  4. G1CNC

    Flute Length - In-Progress Stock

    tried that. No change
  5. Hi Guys see attached. Getting this collision at simulation on a Surface High Speed roughing toolpath. I cant seem to see what the issue is. What should i be looking out for?
  6. Hi Guys I'm having trouble opening an older .mcx9 file in 2020. see attached warning. What are the options? Thanks.
  7. G1CNC

    Help with issue

    stock is defined. see pic
  8. Hi guys. Please see attached screen shot. Why is this option greyed out? I have never seen this before and we have been using Mcam for years. This is a brand new installation of 2020 on our computer. Never seen this before. Is this a graphics issue? For all the licence police we are fully licenced but have no maintenance...so 'contact dealer' is not an option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. yes, bot why only 2020? 2018 & 19 both run fine
  10. Yes. Fully updated. In general its really slow with long response times or everything. see attached. Allocating memory. Not sure what this means? When we installed it at the beginning it was fine.
  11. Hi Colin Thanks for your help on this. It's probably a better idea if I try and find out why 2020 is running so slow on my computer. The post is, as you say, 'binned' to the MD.
  12. Fully licenced user here who is out of maintenance. I am looking to do the same thing here. Why? 2020 is running slow on my computer. 2019 is not. I have updated to post as per your instructions above. How do I update the machine file to use on an earlier version?
  13. G1CNC

    Back save a post

    2020 is running like a bag of xxxx on our computer. 2018/19 is running well. Tried everything, re-install etc. RAM/graphics card etc are all up to spec. Software is fully licensed and the post is too. We just don't have any maintenance.
  14. Is it possible to use a post processor/machine file on an earlier version of MasterCam? IE, Can I run my 2020 post on MasterCam 2018?

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