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  1. Nightsky84

    Z0 on mill/turn

    thanks! hopefully I will figure it out. We have a guy coming in to train us the week after next, but I like to know a lot about it before they come in so its a little easier for me to learn.
  2. Nightsky84

    Z0 on mill/turn

    Hey Ron! I think I figured it out as far as how to put it somewhat where I need it to be. As long as it's not interfering with the jaws I'm ok with it coming out farther. I can adjust that if need be. There is one more thing though I would like to ask. I'm trying to use stock pull so I can use my other spindle to pull the stock out after it's been cutoff. It says chuck clamp failed there is no stock in the chuck to clamp which is kind of confusing me. I've tried to add more stock to the bar in job setup. Tried different areas to grab on to the part. I can't figure it out!!
  3. Nightsky84

    Z0 on mill/turn

    Ok I have figured out most of my issues, but I have 1 left that I need your help with. I have my Z0 in my lathe as the front of my chuck....maybe -.3 behind it actually. Anyways when I go to job set up before I even start programming my part how do I get it to where the part is lets say 1/2 Inch in front of the jaws? Do I have to add back stock so it recognizes theres more to the part? Also part stickout. How important is that set up? It really confuses me on what it's for/ what it represents. I know its how far the front of the part is out of the chuck so do I always select the front of the part?
  4. Nightsky84

    Mill Turn Chucks?

    2020 yes we have the royal quick collet changing chucks. I'd prefer to make something look similar to that instead of the 3 chuck etc.
  5. Nightsky84

    Mill Turn Chucks?

    Ok, during job setup of mill turn I have to choose how far my part is from my chuck. 1st question is, is there a library that has the royal collet chucking systems that I can use? Next quetion is where is my Z 0 supposed to be on my machine? I tell mastercam its so far in front of the chuck but it always designates the front of my part as Z 0. I want mine set up to where z0 is a constant on the chuck itself so when I program stuff I just move my part so far in front of Z so I know its always in front of my collet.
  6. no it was set to minimize trimming
  7. I don't see that setting in the parameters in my toolpath.
  8. is this the same with raster? Cause I have used that and it's done the same thing before
  9. So I have a program it is basically a pyramid, but one side is flat. The program works great ball nose and all but the corners on both sides that connect to the flat side don't get all the way done (where the yellow is in the picture). The ball nose doesn't go over far enough to actually finish it off. Im using waterline to do the ball nose. Is there something in the program that can tell it to go out a little more without me having to draw the part slightly bigger?.
  10. Nightsky84

    YCM 4th Axis Post Edit Help!

    Thanks so much!! I don't know anything about posts I'm always searching on here or anywhere on how to change stuff! I greatly appreciate it!
  11. I have a ycm 4th axis post that works perfectly as far as machining. The only thing I want to change is how do I get rid of it going back to A0. at the end of every tool change?? Like I will be machining at a 90degree angle and the next tool will do the same but before it gets to the next tool it wants to home to A0. first then change and go back to A90. or whatever angle I am machining at. I have to manually delete the A0. out of every tool change to make sure it doesn't go back. Thanks!! If you need to see my post I can attach it let me know!
  12. Nightsky84

    Ycm 5th axis post edit?

    I downloaded the post it actually works way better than the one they gave us. The one they gave us I couldn't even get to run without going through and editing it when it was posted out because it had so much stuff that our machine doesn't recognize. I'm new at the rotary machines so I just want to make it right before I start running something and something bad happens. I appreciate the help! The only thing so far that I would change on the mpmaster post is it wants to send my trunnion to its absolute home position and I need it to go g90 a0. instead of g28
  13. Nightsky84

    Ycm 5th axis post edit?

    we got our post from our mastercam supplier when we upgraded to 4th axis. I've never used mpmaster how do I go about this?
  14. We are using a rotary table with a trunnion attahed to it. I have a fairly simple part to run to try it out. It only needs to rotate 90 degrees thats it. The post processor supports 4th axis and 5th axis. We will eventually be getting into a lot more detailed parts, but we are only going to be using 4 axis for our parts we don't have a 5th. Everytime I post something it posts b90 c90 for the rotary positioning. Is there any way to get rid of the C all together and still make it post correctly? I have tried to just delete it or uncheck it out of the machine definition manager but then I don't get the rotary positioning at all. Any ideas??

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