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  1. I am trying to use an Emuge lens form cutter (from the Emuge tool database on this site) to cut a 5-axis pocket in a part. The part is basically a thin sheet but curved in X and Y (imagine like you cut a 6" x 6" square out of a car tire). I have a pocket in the back (concave) side of the part that is about .05in deep and has full radiused walls. I want to use a lens form cutter and basically spiral from the center of the pocket to the outside with a little tilt being introduced to maintain tangency on the cutter face. I should be able to use a nice large stepover with this method and get a nice finish. But I just cannot get the tool path to work. I've read that Morph and Parallel are the only paths to work with circle segment cutters, but 5-axis pocketing says it works with accelerated finishing. I just can't get it to do what I want.
  2. Hydrazine

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Bumping an old thread... but I was wondering if anyone is using MasterCAM 2021 and can comment on the load speeds compared to 2019? Based on Chally72's responses above, this seems to be something of a 'known issue' with how MasterCAM processes models at file-open time, so I very much hope this issue has been resolved over the past 2 versions? We have a few seats of 2019 right now but just never got around to moving to 2020.. now that 2021 is out, improved load times would be a major driver to make the switch. We do a lot of multi-pallet and 5-axis work and try to use standardized fixturing as much as possible (importing the fixturing/geometry into our CAM files) so the files are getting bigger and load times are getting unbearable. I have dozens of files now that take 20-30 minutes to load, and multiplied by 3-4 people programming, that's a TON of lost time per week. It seems we can use the export/re-import trick but that's an extra step and easy to forget/screw up. Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks for the replies. I looked into the options listed above and it seems the misc integers is the easiest way to go. I have a fair bit of experience in modifying posts so I think it will be easy to implement. One question, however. I noticed the misc integers option is not available for some toolpaths - an example from today was a dynamic milling toolpath. Is the misc integer option only shown for toolpaths where wear comp is used? What if I wanted to enable the HSM code on a toolpath that does not allow the misc integer option to be selected? And I noticed in the machine definition, there is a place where I can seemingly enter the text that will be displayed on the menu for each misc integer.... but when I entered the text I wanted, it does not show up in the misc integer screen when I go into the toolpath. Is there something else I need to do to get that to work? Thanks again
  4. My machine uses a couple of different HSM codes, but they need to be turned on after the tool call and before the G43 line, and turned off before the next tool change. It's a pain in the butt to insert them manually every time I post out code, so I am wondering if there's a way to designate an operation as needing HSM and have the codes automatically post out? I was playing around with the canned text and misc values fields but I wasn't able to get it to post out in the correct places. I figure this must be a common thing - any easy solutions? Thanks!

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