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    Rapid after Index

    I got the multiple rotary axis error figured out by changing the axis combination in machine definition, but now I'm receiving an error saying: ERROR - SELECT MACHINE ACHIEVABLE TOOLPLANE WITH X-AXIS ALONG MACHINE X - SET AND RESPOST For this part I have G57 set for my B0 referencing the face of my part with the X & Y on a post holding the part off the tombstone. The B180 side is my G59 with the same setup but the part is flipped around to machine the backside. For G57 I'm using mastercam front plane and G59 is mastercam back plane. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Wargo

    Rapid after Index

    After downloading MPMASTER I keep getting an axis error. I have my WCS set to front, and the Tplane set to a custom plane for each individual offset. I tried both front and top WCS with the same result. It's also still posting the B180 after the initial rapid move to G59. ERROR - MORE THAN 1 ROTARY AXIS DETECTED IN SELECTED AXIS COMBINATION - OUTPUT MAY BE INVALID N4435 Z.2 B0. F50. N4440 G00 Z2. B0. N4445 G91 G28 Z0. N4450 G28 B0. N4455 G00 G90 G59 B0. X7.1815 Y-2.7866 N4460 G43 H87 Z2. N4465 B180. N4470 Z.2 N4475 G01 Z-1.4464 B180. N4480 G41 D87 X6.2782 Y-2.4359 B180. F100.
  3. Wargo

    Rapid after Index

    Thank you Nick, I'll download that now and most likely switch over to that post.
  4. I am fairly new to post processors and editing them. I have been using the MPfan that came with the Mastercam 2019 download. I have been successful in editing most of the formatting changes I want, and a few adjustments for my machine, but I'm having trouble with the 4th axis. I'm programming for a Mazak Horizontal utilizing a tombstone setup and indexing the B-axis. We only have the mill package so I cannot use the multiaxis link feature. For some reason the post rotates B axis after the first rapid for the next operation. I tried changing this in the 'prapidout' by moving 'pcout' to its own line before the rest of the commands but that didn't work. Below is the portion of code that posts starting with the Z retract. It's easy enough to manually edit this example after posting, but I'd like to setup the post to not need any editing. If I'm indexing multiple times in an operation I can foresee an issue with manually editing. ... G0 Z20. G59 X7.1815 Y-2.7866 Z2. B180000 (crash) Z.2 G1 Z-1.4464 F50. G41 D87 X6.2782 Y-2.4359 F100. ...

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