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  1. Wargo


    Boom. I had the method set to coordinate with a 0 delta translate. Changing it to Toolplane did the trick. Thank you!
  2. Wargo


    I'm on MCAM 2019. I can't open your file anyway. So I wouldn't have known you were an idiot if you hadn't said anything. That is exactly how I want it to post out though.
  3. I'm working on converting my programs to subprograms for each tool. Our repeat orders vary in quantity so doing this makes it easier to add/remove vises and quickly change the program with two lines of code. When the program posts out, it creates a sub for each offset. I'd like to create one sub and reference that same sub for each offset instead. Here is how it is currently posting: N15 T1 M06 (17/32 DRILL) N20 M08 N25 G00 G17 G90 G54 X1.4764 Y-.625 S1438 M03 N30 G43 H1 Z5. T2 >>>N35 M98 P2807<<< N40 G90 G55 X1.4764 Y-.625 Z5. >>>N45 M98 P2808<<< N50 M09 N55 M05 N60 G91 G28 Z0. N65 M01 ... ... ... O2807 N5 G90 N10 Z1.35 N15 G94 N20 G99 G73 Z-.1896 R1.35 Q.08 F13. N25 X5.4134 N30 X9.3504 N35 X13.2874 N40 X17.2244 N45 G80 N50 Z5. N55 M99 O2808 N5 G90 N10 Z1.35 N15 G99 G73 Z-.1896 R1.35 Q.08 F13. N20 X5.4134 N25 X9.3504 N30 X13.2874 N35 X17.2244 N40 G80 N45 Z5. Here is how I'd like it to post: N15 T1 M06 (17/32 DRILL) N20 M08 N25 G00 G17 G90 G54 X1.4764 Y-.625 S1438 M03 N30 G43 H1 Z5. T2 >>>N35 M98 P2807<<< N40 G90 G55 X1.4764 Y-.625 Z5. >>>N45 M98 P2807<<< N50 M09 N55 M05 N60 G91 G28 Z0. N65 M01
  4. Wargo

    Tiny Slots

    What does that do? Either way, I'll have to slot through that at full WOC for the first pass through and that's where the vibration is.
  5. I'm milling a part out of 6061 and have to make a series of "fins" at .06" wide, almost 1" deep, and .24" apart. I tried running a .125" EM through it at .025" DOC, but the chatter was so bad it ended up snapping the endmill. Anyone have a work around for this, or a better method?
  6. Good morning, I'm working on a program that has a couple different multisurface toolpaths and a few opti rough toolpaths. Pretty much every time I make a change to one of them and regen the program crashes. I have my memory buffer set to 99% and delete regen files on exit checked. Would this be a memory issue?
  7. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    Hmmm. Good thought. Let me try that out. I got the Optirough toolpath to stop crashing, but there are a couple swarf toolpaths that decide to plunge through the part as it indexes. I'd imagine that may be why.
  8. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    For this specific toolpath I'm only indexing the A&B axis, so I left the the "no rotation" box checked.
  9. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    That makes sense. Thank you for the input. I'm very new to 5 axis programming so everything is a bit of a learning curve.
  10. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    Sike, The stock model shows those crashes. I'm not sure why the tool would rapid through the part though. I'm not understanding this.
  11. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    I gave up on making my own machine. I found a good video on Youtube to set up the machine, but in doing so found a way to use the generic 5 axis machine with my setup.
  12. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    I ran it through verify as well and the "crashes" are not there. What would that tell you?
  13. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    But that wouldn't fix the toolpath correct?
  14. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    I got it. I didn't set the machine def. I used to be able to do this in Mastercam for Solidworks, but it works differently in the native Mastercam application. I did set my machine up in the machine simulation. I'm not having a problem with the tool crashing into the part, but it's not being recognized as a crash for some reason. I can't figure out how to fix it.
  15. Wargo

    Machine Definition

    I have the parts selected as fixtures for simulation options, but I figured they had to be set in the machine definition in order to make them move in the simulation. Is that true?

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