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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am using an older version of mastercam X3 from 2007. I use an assortment of older machines so every post I've had to edit to make it work, however, I am having some trouble getting my edits to do what I want this time and after looking everywhere and spending several hours trial error all I have is error.. What I want to do is move some of the comments around. I want to remove the properties - " " from the operation manager from showing up before a tool change to save memory. I want to move it to the header area under "program number", "created on", and above "material". I have tried an assortment of ways but nothing works so far. How would I go about this? The reason I want it moved above is because I'm not always the one running the machine so we always check the program for which machine it's supposed to be used on so we don't crash. The issue is that I have to manually add this line in ever single time and it's a little tedious OR I completely forget... For the life of me I can't figure out what to do because any time i move the line comment$ and pcan it removes all the checked (from machine file check boxes) to my comment area but leaves them on consecutive tools ... If anyone can help that would be great.
  2. I currently have all my vertical mill posts (Mazak, Haas, Fanuc) setup to post sequence numbers only at "operation comments" using the pcomment2 block pcomment2 #Output Comment from manual entry scomm$ = ucase (scomm$) if gcode$ = 1005, sopen_prn, scomm$, sclose_prn, e$ #Manual entry - as comment if gcode$ = 1006, scomm$, e$ #Manual entry - as code if gcode$ = 1007, sopen_prn, scomm$, sclose_prn #Manual entry - as comment with move NO e$ if gcode$ = 1026, scomm$ #Manual entry - as code with move NO e$ if gcode$ = 1008, n$, sopen_prn, no_spc$, scomm$, no_spc$, sclose_prn, e$ #Operation comment if gcode$ = 1051, sopen_prn, scomm$, sclose_prn, e$ #Machine name if gcode$ = 1052, sopen_prn, scomm$, sclose_prn, e$ #Group comment if gcode$ = 1053, sopen_prn, scomm$, sclose_prn, e$ #Group name if gcode$ = 1054, sopen_prn, scomm$, sclose_prn, e$ #File Descriptor this is the only place that sequence numbers are in my programs ex: N10 (SKIM FACE OF STOCK, +.002 FOR FLY CUTTER) T01 M06 (1.5 FACE MILL | H01) G00 G90 G56 X16.025 Y-2.1249 S3500 M03 Z2. T6 I always put comments on every single operation, this way the operators not only know whats going on in every section of the program, but can quickly search and start at the relevant section. however, i would like to create, if possible, a buffer which sends all of these comments with their sequence numbers to a .txt file that i can print out as a reference with the job setup paperwork. Is this going to be more complicated than its worth?
  3. Need post altering so that Group comments are directly under Tool Name HEIDENHAIN.txt 0 BEGIN PGM TEST MM 1 BLK FORM 0.1 Z X-25.5 Y-28 Z-13 2 BLK FORM 0.2 X+59.5 Y+28 Z+3 3 TOOL CALL 1 Z S2425 4 ;63MM HEPTAMILL *******INSERT HERE********* 5 L X-64.55 Y+0 R0 FMAX M3 6 L Z+25 R0 FMAX M8 6 ;FACE *****THIS LINE NEEDS TO BE AFTER TOOL DESCRIPTIONS*************** 7 L Z+0 R0 F500 8 L X+97.05 R0 F1698 9 L Z+25 R0 FMAX 10 M9 11 TOOL CALL 12 Z S6000 12 ;12MM VARIMILL 13 ;OUTER PROFILE 14 L X+66.25 Y-29.4 R0 FMAX M3 15 L Z+25 R0 FMAX M8 16 L Z+0 R0 FMAX 17 L Z-10 R0 F100 18 L Y-17.4 RL F1600 19 L X+54.25 RL 20 L X+29.898 RL 21 L X+8.475 Y-24.739 RL 22 CC X+0 Y+0 23 C X+8.446 Y+24.748 DR- RL 24 L X+29.978 Y+17.4 RL 25 L X+54.25 RL 26 CC X+54.25 Y+13 27 C X+58.65 Y+13 DR- RL 28 L Y-13 RL 29 L Y-25 RL 30 L X+70.65 R0 31 L X+66.25 Y-28.3 R0 32 L Y-16.3 RL 33 L X+54.25 RL 34 L X+29.715 RL 35 L X+8.118 Y-23.698 RL 36 CC X+0 Y+0 37 C X+8.091 Y+23.707 DR- RL 38 L X+29.795 Y+16.3 RL 39 L X+54.25 RL 40 CC X+54.25 Y+13 41 C X+57.55 Y+13 DR- RL 42 L Y-13 RL 43 L Y-25 RL 44 L X+69.55 R0 45 L X+66.25 Y-27.2 R0 46 L Y-15.2 RL 47 L X+54.25 RL 48 L X+29.531 RL 49 L X+7.762 Y-22.657 RL 50 CC X+0 Y+0 51 C X+7.736 Y+22.666 DR- RL 52 L X+29.613 Y+15.2 RL 53 L X+54.25 RL 54 CC X+54.25 Y+13 55 C X+56.45 Y+13 DR- RL 56 L Y-13 RL 57 L Y-25 RL 58 L X+68.45 R0 59 L X+66.25 Y-26.1 R0 60 L Y-14.1 RL 61 L X+54.25 RL 62 L X+29.348 RL 63 L X+7.405 Y-21.617 RL 64 CC X+0 Y+0 65 C X+7.38 Y+21.625 DR- RL 66 L X+29.43 Y+14.1 RL 67 L X+54.25 RL 68 CC X+54.25 Y+13 69 C X+55.35 Y+13 DR- RL 70 L Y-13 RL 71 L Y-25 RL 72 L X+67.35 R0 73 L X+66.25 R0 74 L Y-13 RL 75 L X+54.25 RL 76 L X+29.165 RL 77 L X+7.049 Y-20.576 RL 78 CC X+0 Y+0 79 C X+7.025 Y+20.584 DR- RL 80 L X+29.248 Y+13 RL 81 L X+54.25 RL 82 L Y-13 RL 83 L Y-25 RL 84 L X+66.25 R0 85 L Z+25 R0 FMAX 86 M9 87 TOOL CALL 3 Z S2500 88 ;10MM SPOTDRILL 89 ;5MM HOLE 90 CYCL DEF 1.0 PECKING 91 CYCL DEF 1.1 SET UP 2 92 CYCL DEF 1.2 DEPTH -3.5 93 CYCL DEF 1.3 PLNGNG 2 94 CYCL DEF 1.4 DWELL 0 95 CYCL DEF 1.5 F150 96 L X+0 Y+0 R0 FMAX M3 97 L Z-2 R0 FMAX 98 L Z-2 FMAX M99 99 L Z+25 R0 FMAX 100 L X+0 Y+0 R0 FMAX *************THIS LINE NOT REQUIRED****************** 101 M9 102 TOOL CALL 18 Z S8000 103 ;5MM CARBIDE 104 ;POCKET 105 L X+3.245 Y+0.002 R0 FMAX M3 106 L Z+25 R0 FMAX M8 107 L Z+0 R0 FMAX 108 L Z-4 R0 F300 109 L X+0.339 Y+0.994 R0 F700 110 CC X+0 Y+0 111 C X+0.34 Y-0.993 DR+ R0 112 L X+3.245 Y+0.002 R0 113 L X+1.308 Y+3.833 R0 114 CC X+0 Y+0 115 C X+1.312 Y-3.831 DR+ R0 116 L X+12.518 Y+0.007 R0 117 L X+1.308 Y+3.833 R0 118 L X+2.277 Y+6.672 R0 119 CC X+0 Y+0 120 C X+2.285 Y-6.67 DR+ R0 121 L X+21.791 Y+0.012 R0 122 L X+2.277 Y+6.672 R0 123 L X+3.246 Y+9.511 R0 124 CC X+0 Y+0 125 C X+3.257 Y-9.508 DR+ R0 126 L X+25.05 Y-2.042 R0 127 L Y+2.07 R0 128 L X+3.246 Y+9.511 R0 129 L X+4.215 Y+12.351 R0 130 CC X+0 Y+0 131 C X+4.229 Y-12.346 DR+ R0 132 L X+26.03 Y-4.877 R0 133 CC X+29.498 Y-15 134 C X+28.05 Y-4.398 DR- R0 135 L Y+4.41 R0 136 CC X+29.58 Y+15 137 C X+26.124 Y+4.873 DR- R0 138 L X+4.215 Y+12.351 R0 139 L X+5.184 Y+15.19 R0 140 CC X+0 Y+0 141 C X+5.201 Y-15.184 DR+ R0 142 L X+27.003 Y-7.716 R0 143 CC X+29.498 Y-15 144 C X+29.498 Y-7.3 DR- R0 145 L X+30.75 R0 146 CC X+30.75 Y-7 147 C X+31.05 Y-7 DR+ R0 148 L Y+7 R0 149 CC X+30.75 Y+7 150 C X+30.75 Y+7.3 DR+ R0 151 L X+29.58 R0 152 CC X+29.58 Y+15 153 C X+27.093 Y+7.713 DR- R0 154 L X+5.184 Y+15.19 R0 155 L X+26.25 Y-3.75 R0 156 L R0 F300 157 L X+30 RL F700 158 CC X+30 Y+0 159 C X+33.75 Y+0 DR+ RL 160 L Y+7 RL 161 CC X+30.75 Y+7 162 C X+30.75 Y+10 DR+ RL 163 L X+29.58 RL 164 CC X+29.58 Y+15 165 C X+27.965 Y+10.268 DR- RL 166 L X+6.056 Y+17.745 RL 167 CC X+0 Y+0 168 C X+6.076 Y-17.738 DR+ RL 169 L X+27.878 Y-10.27 RL 170 CC X+29.498 Y-15 171 C X+29.498 Y-10 DR- RL 172 L X+30.75 RL 173 CC X+30.75 Y-7 174 C X+33.75 Y-7 DR+ RL 175 L Y+0 RL 176 CC X+30 Y+0 177 C X+30 Y+3.75 DR+ RL 178 L X+26.25 R0 179 L Z+25 R0 FMAX 180 M9 181 M5 182 L IZ+50 R0 F10000 M9 183 END PGM TEST MM

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