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NetHook CoolantParams

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There are currently no examples for this. How do I set CoolantParams for a Mastercam.Database.Operation so that

  • Coolant 1-3 are ON
  • Coolant 1 is BEFORE
  • Coolant 2 is WITH
  • Coolant 3 is AFTER

The following code sets ON and BEFORE to *all* coolant options

				var cool = new Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantParams()
					Positions = new Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPosition(Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.Before),
					States = new Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantState(Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On)
				op.Coolant = cool;

and I really can't find a way to set them individually as the interface is very confusing. Thanks for help.


EDIT: As usual, found out the solution a few minutes after posting. Have to use the indexers (which I had completely missed)

			cool.Positions[0] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.Before;
				cool.States[0] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On;
				cool.Positions[1] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.With;
				cool.States[1] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On;
				cool.Positions[2] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.After;
				cool.States[2] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On;



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