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Pulse Machine Monitoring

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Hey guys, not sure if any of you are familiar with Lemoines Pulse Machine Monitoring?

I'm looking for help coming up with a solution. When I started here, no one was taking this software very seriously. As a programmer, we have some pulse information in our post that we needed to edit the job name, op #, and # of parts per operation. However we were all filling in this information differently. Apparently within the software that the scheduling guy uses, he can't reallocate jobs under a different name. I've never used the software on his end, but we had a meeting about it and basically if we even have an extra space in the macro then it creates a different "job" for everything.  Here's an example:


would create a separate job from


This has created a complete nightmare for us. Seems like it would be easy enough to implement standards for this, however we get busy and things get missed, fat fingered, sometimes someone from an off shift comes in to make a change to a program. To my boss, this is terribly unacceptable and he doesn't seem to understand how easy it is to make a mistake with this. I'm under the impression that well before I started(or any current programmer worked here), that when this was initially setup that it was setup incorrectly. If you could see some of the MC files we still have to deal with from the previous programmers, you would understand. Completely lazy, every level unlabelled, every job is programmed in TOP TOP TOP for every op, and some of the previous programmers even had separate files saved for every individual op, hand editing posts for almost every simple thing(THD, coolant, taps all at zero, G61.1).

Does anyone have experience with this software? What would you do in this situation? Do we need to start from scratch and redo everything? Do we need all new posts? We have not had any formal MC training, is there a way to setup in MC so it auto fills out the same exact information every time it is posted without us hand editing this? We recently changed some of our posts so it automatically inputs the file name after the PART=, but the scheduling guy doesn't want any rev label or anything, so we still have to edit it. I don't really want to go through resaving every old job under a different name, as we have files from 10+ years ago still running, and when they need something changed, the setup sheets still reference the filepath names. Although, we do need all new setup sheets done, I simply don't have the time to redo 10 years of work for those. When I get any free time I feel it would be better spent going through my list of older programs that I can easily cut time from. 

Sorry for the novel. TIA for any help. 

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