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Trying to get B axis moves on their own line? this old Mori gets confused and alarms out if the B move is not on its own... No locking necessary.. It used to do it fine in 2017 but updating to 2019 has created this little glitch. As always thank you


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N1 T1 M06

G00 G17 G90 G54 B0. X1.0 Y1.0 S1000 M03

G43 H1 Z1.0


N1 T1 M06

G90 G54


G00 G17 X1.0 Y1.0 S1000 M03

G43 H1 Z1.0

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The Post Block that outputs any rotary in the standard Posts is 'pcout' or 'pfcout'.


pbld, n$, pcout, e$

That should get you B-Axis output. But, if the "last B position", and the "current B position" are the same, you won't get B output.

So, make it a "forced block". (Note, these blocks must actually "exist" in your Post before you call them, but they should be there "by default".)

pbld, n$, pfcout, e$


Just look for where the 'pcout' or 'pfcout' "output statements" are at, and make your edits there...

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Also, just for full disclosure; most of the Posts have two output "modes", which are controlled by the Radio buttons in the Rotary Axis Properties, inside the Machine Definition.

The two modes are: "Index only - machine positions to fixed positions only", or "Continuous".

With the Continuous option, there are 3 different sub-modes that control the "continuous" output.

These Continuous modes are:

1. Signed Continuous - Axis is allowed to "wind up" past 360 degrees, plus or minus. Post has no default logic for Rotary Limits, unless it is the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill Post (and in that case, the limits are set with variables inside the Post file, and the Limits in the Rotary Axis Properties are ignored).

2. Signed Direction, Absolute Angle - This option means the rotary output is limited to 720 degrees total travel. Output is limited to +-360 degrees, with the Sign controlling the rotary direction.

3. Absolute Angle 0-360. This option keeps rotary output positive, and limited to 360 total travel.


The secret squirrel option is to use the "Index mode" (machine positions to fixed angles), and just set the "axis resolution" to .001 degrees. (Typically the "Index mode" is used for machines with limited indexing options, typically 1 degree, or 0.1 degree.)

The point here is that the Index Mode is already setup to output the B-Axis on a separate line, with no Post mods. ( You may have to edit the Format Assignment variable for the output though.)

Typically for all of the Continuous modes, they use these two variables:



Index mode uses a different output variable, which I think is:


Or something like that. It will be located near the "fmt" lines for 'cabs' and 'cinc'.

All you should need to do is set "index mode" in the Rotary Axis Properties, and edit 'index_out' format Assignment to use like, #14?  (You want the 'fs2' with 'decimal, absolute, 3 place. No leading or trailing)


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Awesome, Thank you Colin, I will take a looksie when I get a few minutes and see if that gets me going...

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