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  1. Debaprakash Nayak

    Thread Mill, Bottom to Top method Issue

    As the total insert length is 40mm, hence it is not recommended to engage the full length of the insert at once. As per the tool specification, the TM cutter can produce 65mm depth whereas the insert length is 40mm. If I put 65mm as final depth in the program, then the tool moves to the final depth at the first pass will damage the tool.
  2. Debaprakash Nayak

    Thread Mill, Bottom to Top method Issue

    When I try to make a thread mill program using a multi-tooth inserted thread mill cutter ( using bottom to top method with multiple axial depth of cut, the tool moves directly to final depth and then moves to 2nd step. Refer attached video for more details. If there is a solution already, please comment. Mastercam Thread mill Issue.mp4

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