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  1. I will give that a try. thanks for the feedback.
  2. Looking for a fix to this operating systems error AfxOlelnit () Failed! , i have updated windows, ran the prerequisite files, dumped and reinstalled 2022, ran the repair install. All with no luck getting it to launch. thank you. Scott
  3. got it! now I remember I tried migrating in from another PC my config , I found those and deleted them and its up and running.. Thank you ! 5star review if that was an option.. have a good day..
  4. I will give that a try, do you mean delete the entire file?
  5. X8 on start up crashes, fresh download on a new laptop, it did start up 1 time and now will not , I have tried running it thru all the fixes available online and on the Mcam download itself. I will try to answer a few of the questions i have been asked recently. any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated , image of Operating system attached Yes i have a legal sim key, No I have not paid maintenance for newer versions as i no longer own my own shop, thank you

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