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  1. In Traub TX8i systems you need to have a G0 line after starting a tool offset with G41 or G42. Any idea how I could get a post to handle this situation? I have a home made post for an Index machine that I just started to modify to suit our Traub machines.
  2. mats_asson


    Our service guy here in sweden made a program for us to do that. He made it so five sides of a cube is both face milled and side milled. And then the probe is used to measure the difference. Of course you have to have correct length and radius settings of the mill that is used. It's a rather easy program to make yourself
  3. mats_asson

    NC Editor

    I also use cimcos file compare a lot. PSPad (a free programmers editor) has a similar feature but it is not adapted for nc use so it cannot disregard line numbers and stuff.
  4. mats_asson

    MasterCam X and wire edm

    Mau, are you able to do any 4-axis cutting with mill? Mats
  5. mats_asson

    MATSS progress??

    Very interested in the progress of MATSS also. Not only because my name is Mats, but because we have several multi spindle multi turret machines. Three INDEX G200:s, one Traub TNL 26 and on the way in, one TNL 12. Mats
  6. mats_asson

    Holes moving

    It wasn't me having problems, it was one of my workers. I'll check the wcs thing with him tomorrow. Mats
  7. mats_asson

    Holes moving

    He actually showed me an earlier copy of the file where everything was correct. And I know of the problem with picking points. That's why I always use entities instead. But his holes actually moved to a totally different position. But if nobody have noticed this he is probably doing something wrong. I agree with the cutter comp not being turned off. I've seen very strange things with fanucs. Mats
  8. mats_asson

    Holes moving

    One of our guys have had problems with drill points suddenly moving. He have been making some hole operations that worked. After that he moved on and made some other stuff in the file and suddenly when backplotting the holes had moved. Anyone noticed anything similar? I have never noticed it myself but I always use circle entities as drill points and he uses points. Could that be the reason? Anyway, he has been doing it the same way as he done it in v9. Strange phenomenon I think. Or is he doing it the wrong way maybe? Mats
  9. mats_asson

    11 Axis CNC Machine?!?

    We have a Traub TNL 26 with 13 controlled axes. Main spindle: z and c turret 1: x, y and z turret 2: x and y Counter spindle: z and c Tools for front work on main spindle has its own z and x tools for back work on sub spindle has x and y. Thats 13. Mats
  10. mats_asson


    I'm starting to use X. It has great powers compared to v9 but some things are different. Such as modify-extend a line or arc. Seems that if I extend a line by a small amount it doesn't really extend, but creates a new entity tangential to the one I wanted to extend. In v9 the original line just extended which is what I usually want. Is there another way to extend an entity, or is there an easy way to join the extension with the original line? Also I have some occasional hangings when backplotting. I need tips on that too..
  11. mats_asson

    "STL" waterleaks

    Happened to me today. This time it helped to lower the resolution in verify. I have no idea why.
  12. mats_asson

    Generic Post Processors in X

    I'd like to have better support for european machines using siemens controls or modified siemens. Like our Index lathes. Their cycles are a lot different than fanucs.
  13. mats_asson

    5 axis mill or lathe

    Hi I just have to say that our Index G200:s are great machines. We bought our first one with Y- and B-axis back in 1994. It still has the same accuracy and temp. stability as when it was new. There are some new Index models that are bigger than ours. Check out our our web site They are expensive but worth their price if you have precision work.
  14. mats_asson

    MC9 file history

    Cimco:s file compare is a great utility. Often when I'm not absolutely sure if I've done any editing in my machines I load both versions in cimco and do a compare. Often I find a little M0 or something else that I forgot I put in. Helps to keep my stored programs correct. Mats
  15. mats_asson

    MC9 file history

    Maybe you could try to post gcode from both files and then do a compare in cimco edit. It has a very good compare function that I use a lot in cases like this. Mats

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