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    Setup sheet image files

    We are use Mastercam for Solidworks and I'm in the process of modifying the setup sheets that are provided to work for us. When I output the setup sheet from Mcam for SW the only image it provides on the setup sheets is the main screen image that is currently on the screen whereas when you use standalone Mcam it provides the main image plus all the operation images too. Plus you get the option to take additional images and put them into the setup sheets how you want with standalone Mcam. My question is, how can do I output the operation images with Mcam for SW and have the option to take additional images? Hopefully I wasn't too confusing on what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks in advance!
  2. RoastRabbit

    SolidWorks Vs MasterCam Question.

    We are a contract metal manufacturer. Our rev changes can be as simple as holes being added, removed, moving or changing sizes to possibly more complex design changes for internal tool and fixture design. It just varies with the customer at times. We use SolidWorks extensively for all our design work and use MasterCam strictly for toolpaths. We all feel as though we are quicker making changes in SolidWorks as opposed to MasterCam.
  3. RoastRabbit

    SolidWorks Vs MasterCam Question.

    What happens when revisions or changes need to be made to the part you are programming in MasterCam for SolidWorks? Does it work easily or is it a pain? We have 5 guys here including myself that are skilled in design and programming using SolidWorks and MasterCam so i don't believe the learning curve would be very steep.
  4. RoastRabbit

    SolidWorks Vs MasterCam Question.

    Pete how seamlessly does the Mastercam for Solidworks work? We drawing and design everything in Solidworks and then open the Solidworks file in Mastercam to do toolpaths. We've thrown around the idea of getting the Mastercam for Solidworks add in but not really sure how well it works. I'm guessing as far as revisions go the changes would be a lot easier with the add in. Do you still have all the functionality of Mastercam with the add in for Solidworks as you would with stand alone Mastercam?

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