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  1. billystein


    well, monday bring gifts. i hit regen and it worked. go figure. all good for now.
  2. billystein


    i have tried another file and it does the same. you have me wondering how many regen buttons you have. i have only 2. regen selected and regen dirty. both give the same message
  3. billystein


    error message is how i typed it. i thought the quotes meant that. anyway , i tried clicking different op, since there are only 2 ops i have tried #1,#2 and both together and still get the same alarm. i was getting message to update to open cl 1.2. i.t. changed to new computer and now i get this message.
  4. billystein


    i just got 2020 installed. regen is not working. message says "no operations were selected. please select at least one operation"
  5. billystein

    i meed more G54.1 P offsets

    i think i am using haas post. i can edit the txt file if i know which one it is.
  6. hi, i have found the switch to use the g54.1 p offsets but they only go up to p7. i need to go up to p48. can someone tell me where this table is . i am using x18
  7. billystein

    can you hold castings

    the company i work for is in need of a machinist that can make jaws to hold aluminum castings. we have many dozens of castings to setup on our new fleet of ganesh mills. we are using chick workholding so many of the parts will be setup to cut 4 pcs per vise and 3 vises per machine. it looks pretty easy but they have to function perfectly. we will deal with you as an employee or a vendor. a good opportunity for someone who can make this happen. i am also making fixtures and this rush will last a few months at best. if interested please pm and i can show examples. [email protected]
  8. billystein

    solids toggle in tool manager. x18

    thanks john. i had never used view tab before. and thank you father . and sorry to all this is x8
  9. billystein

    solids toggle in tool manager. x18

    dear father in heaven, please send the pink feline one to aid me in my task.
  10. billystein

    solids toggle in tool manager. x18

    i need to edit a solid and i need the solid tree
  11. billystein

    solids toggle in tool manager. x18

    i thought it was alt-y but that doesn't work
  12. since i get my solid models from engineering it has been a while since i have created any solids. can someone please tell me how to toggle the solids feature in the toolpath manager? also , is there another place to toggle it?
  13. billystein

    wear button not working

    sorry. version x7 and x8 mill
  14. billystein

    wear button not working

    hi, is there some reason my wear button for contour does not highlight? sometimes it works but many times i cant use it because it is not lit up like the computer,control. i'm thinking it is from the parasolid files that i recieve from engineering. it is pretty consistant but occasionally it works. thanks
  15. billystein

    more help needed with settings.

    i learned to make programs without the libraries and it just hasnt been an issue. i still have x9 update coming up. plenty of other things to learn just to stay current.

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